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Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More

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The most advanced and modern CSS course on the internet: master flexbox, CSS Grid, responsive design, and so much more.

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12 avis pour Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More

  1. Anandan Subbiah

    What a amazing course content and teaching. Though the concept is tough to understand, Jonas step by step explanation with real examples made the concepts easy. As Jonas says, practice with different layout is very much important to become a master. I would strongly recommend this course.

  2. Samuel Fogbawa Turay

    Best content for Advanced CSS on Udemy. Jonas takes you gradually in the process of learning modern CSS rules and layout pattern, with every project broaden your understanding on a specific layout pattern backed with animations and effects. Don’t listen to the bad reviews, or else you will miss out without even giving the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Furkan Esen

    That was the course I was looking for. All of the modern stuff. Just one small thing, you’d better update the course in 2023 or later, to teach new stuff (for example gaps in flexbox, subgrids and so more). But that was stunning anyways, thank you Jonas!

  4. Albertas Čenkus

    Fantastic course, well thought of, beautifully designed projects, really goes into detail when needed. Some bits needs to be updated in my opinion, because some things have changed since 2017, there is simply no need to use floats for the first project, also there are now some properties to simplify things, like using gap with flexbox. Other than that, I would honestly highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in sharpening frontend skills.

  5. Jenisha Khaiguli

    2023 review:
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The instructor’s teaching style is excellent and makes learning the material very manageable. However, there are a few areas for improvement such as providing more challenging opportunities for students and giving them the chance to work things out on their own before demonstrating. Despite this, the course has been incredibly beneficial and has helped me greatly in real-life scenarios.

    Currently, I am at 65% completion and the learning experience has been fantastic. It’s important to note that some things might have changed since the course was created around 5years ago, but I am confident that this will not detract from the overall value of the course.

    I will update my review after completing 100% of the course, but so far I would highly recommend this course to others.

  6. Liz M

    I found CSS so overwhelming before taking this course. There’s definitely a lot of information to absorb here, and I will need to practice a lot to feel more confident, but this course has all the information you need to understand how CSS works and to revisit as a reference when striking out on your projects!

  7. Esteban Stalin Mena Baldera

    Jonas is amazing! This course is the best CSS and SASS course that I’ve ever taken! His explanations are very clear and he is very passionate about you to learn. I learned amazing CSS tricks!

  8. Harivin Nathan

    Honestly, I think Jonas is one of the best instructors. His lectures are complete, step by step based and most importantly, he introduces many layouts and applications of the base knowledge taught. His lectures are very easy to understand, and his cheat sheets and notes are very helpful for reference.

    I took his beginner’s HTML CSS course in Oct / Nov 2021, and even that course itself provided good foundation to build simple webpages at my work place. With this course, it has taken my CSS foundation a few levels higher. Especially Flexbox and CSS Grid (I’ve never knew they had so much more potentials).

    Now I’m confident to try out projects for my personal and work use to keep on practicing my CSS skills.

    Thank you very much.

  9. Kristof Selecz

    Perfectly balanced course includes everything on HTML/CSS and Advanced Concepts. Highly recommended!

  10. Marc González Tejedor

    Very good course, and really helpful and useful.
    However, the problem is that it is too old. Therefore, the newest concepts in 2018, as Flexbox and CSS Grid are no longer for an advance level course, as they also appear in the 2021 Basic Course from Jonas

  11. Manouchehr Jalayer

    An awesome course. Gives great insight for a front end developer with no experience. It requires some background but he explains everything clearly.

    Appreciate for developing such an amazing course.

  12. Johnnie Perez

    Great teacher, great content! If you want to learn about CSS and SAAS, this is the course that you need to buy.

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