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Advanced JavaScript Concepts: Gain Modern JS Developer Skills

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Learn modern advanced JavaScript practices and be in the top 10% of JavaScript developers

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12 avis pour Advanced JavaScript Concepts: Gain Modern JS Developer Skills

  1. Rebels Remote

    Clear explanations, got a lot of knowledge about javascript internals, nice course to fill in your gaps

  2. James S.

    Fantastic course about some of the more advanced and, in my opinion, confusing, parts of JavaScript. The course also has two great refresher modules on beginner and intermediate JavaScript, so if there’s something you don’t quite get in the advanced stuff, it probably has a video in one of those two modules.

    I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to become a better JavaScript developer.

  3. Gaurav Chaturvedi

    Hey Andrei, I am not new to JS. Since the beginning of my career I am using JS. This course really helped me to connect the dots missing in my knowledge of JS.
    Thank you for being just an awesome instructor !

  4. Gabriel Nitu

    JavaScripts advanced concepts are well explained, in a simple manner.
    My favourite topics are related to async function and this course helped me to understand how it works and why are so important.
    Thanks Andrei.

  5. Steve Voltmer

    He does a decent job with almost everything until he gets to data structures and then his exercise solutions are NOT the correct solution. He misses possible issues with his code all the time. Most of the time his solution doesn’t even fulfill the requirements of the exercise with the data provided.

  6. Rama anne

    the way andrei explained the concepts he has nailed them and i recommend the course for all those who want to acquire javascript skills

  7. Jordan Lagache

    Well explained, and straight to the point. I have a medior level and found this course really useful, I definitely recommend it.

  8. Merlis Soto

    Well, finally I’m here!
    I didn´t want to give the review without finishing the course previously. So I decided to finish the course first.
    I feel excited for having completed the course, sometimes I felt overwhelmed because, you see, this is my first course on Javascript, I’m not even a junior developer, I’m 40 years old, and I’ve worked at the Oil and Gas Industry as an Instrumentation Engineer for 16 years, and a friend of mine recommended me to try coding, so I started taking some free tutorials on YouTube and I took some classes of HTML, CSS and SASS, and considering JavaScript is very popular, I decided to take this course (my first course on JS) in order to have clear concepts, in order to start properly, but I can´t deny that sometimes I feel afraid that I won´t achieve it.
    Having this said, regarding this course, and the way that Andrei makes his clases, I just can say it´s awesome, I mean, Andrei is an excellent instructor! I really loved this course, in spite of those clases or exercises that were so hard, for example, when we started the two pillars, with closures I felt sad or a little frustrated, not because of the class, but when I see the complexity of this challenge, or hash tables, I have to confess, I don´t know how to do all the challenges, and that´s why I get frustrated, but this is part of the journey I guess.
    If someone reads all of my review, I just can say, I truly recommend this course, just take your time, take notes, do the code, and if you can´t do all of them, don´t stop, keep moving, I will continue trying. This course really gives strong fundamentals, it shows you the how and why of many things, so you learn to take decisions or understand what you do.
    Andrei, thank you very much for this privilege and opportunity to learn from and with you!!! (I loved the AMA video too) And of course, I already have other courses already paid and waiting for me to start, because this is just my first but not my last course with Udemy/ZTM. Love you!!!
    Merlis Soto from Venezuela

  9. Michał Budzik

    I’ve had a lot of previous JavaScript knowledge and used it for more than a decade as a web developer, but I never actually learned the foundations.
    I could easily combine some code found on the web with a few lines of my own and make it a working script for a client, but I’d have quite a problem if I had to explain to someone how it actually works, what’s exactly happening where and why. This course won’t make you some omnipotent master of JS but most definitely it will make you understand what’s under the hood. And next time you’ll be writing js code, you’ll be able to make much better and informed decisions about solutions and techniques you should use.

  10. Uriel Londoño

    Excelente contenido, el instructor enseña con claridad y dinamismo, super recomendado

  11. Hiago Gonçalo Brenha

    Just amazing!

    A very solid and complete course with everything you need to know about JS on a more deep level.

    It gives you a very good base from where you can learn by yourself more and more advanced stuff not only related to JS but to a bunch of other languages and concepts to.

  12. Sonny

    I’m 3years experienced Front Web Deloper In Korea.
    This lecture helps a lot!!
    Thanks Andre! see you next lecture!
    you are greate developer instructor!

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