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Advanced React and Redux Tutorial: 2019 Edition

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Walkthroughs on advanced React v16.6.3 and Redux v4.0.0 – Authentication, Testing, Middlewares, HOC’s, and Deployment

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12 avis pour Advanced React and Redux Tutorial: 2019 Edition

  1. Vegim Karaçica

    The course is well structured and explained in detail!


    The instructor was great but the content is outdated and we have to spend lot of time to learn old tech. Would have been better if it uses hooks and functional components. Truly, it is for beginners. The advanced content is less as the name implies.

  3. Venugopal Bellary

    Excellent course. Thank you.

  4. Makesh Babu

    Good for Learning, Nowadays with React Hooks and functional components plays a major role in development but here class component with lifecycle method explained bit odd

  5. Emanuele Motta

    Maybe increase with the react v18 with hook

  6. Koen Jacob Alessandro Koenekoop

    Outdated and not that advanced.
    Didn’t really look at versioning while coding along, just installed the newer versions and tried to adjust, most of it works fine but things like redux-promise aren’t maintained anymore.
    Also passport doesn’t really feel up to date and messy compared to newer packages.
    Also TS > JS

  7. Edgar Candales

    Finally a good course on testing with react. Unfortunately still using enzyme whcih is deprecated.

  8. Ayaz Khan

    very detailed course… if you re not understanding React from anywhere else this is the ideal place to come up to.

  9. Ritesh Parkhi

    Great content and Stephen did very good job to explain the Testing and other important topics. The only thing which I felt is these projects build on V16.x.x. and I took this course in 10/2022 so I need to download the project and run use the same package.json. It wont go with the new React and other libraries because of syntax changes. However, the concept will last forever so I will recommend this course to everyone who want to learn React, Middlewares and backend (Express, Mongoose and MongoDB)

  10. Smirutha Nainar

    The course started from the scratch which was highly helpful.

  11. Nagender .

    It was an amazing course

  12. Y S

    I almost took most of his lessons and learned a lot of valuable information.

    However, I can safely say that this course is really getting old. You must update the test using the “Testing Library” that comes with the React installation.

    If there is no new update, please unpublish this course.
    This course is a bad reference for your great courses.
    The 1-star course I gave here is related to the fact that it is very old. If the course is updated, it will be 4.5 or 5 stars.

    PS: Please set the video volumes higher.

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