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Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

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Have limited time to learn Angular 4 (Angular 2+)? Take this course and learn Angular in 10 hours!

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12 avis pour Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

  1. Martin

    It has been very clear thus far despite some deprecations / changes that have made following along a little more challenging

  2. Ramy Agadi

    A little outdated (they’re now up to version 14), but most of the info still seems relevant

  3. Panayot Radinski

    Very good trainer, also the course exactly what I need, BUT the last 2-3 sections are completely out of date, I was supposed to research how the described solutions with Angular 4 should work with Angular 15 – without success!!! PLEASE update the course with latest versions of Angular, Node etc. It was not possible to finish the course, because so many things are out of date!!!

  4. Mahendrakumar Prajapati

    explanation it was very nice, easy to understand concept.

  5. Nevena Devic

    Great course with good examples 🙂 Interactive and easy to follow.

  6. Michael Woolley

    Goes deep enough but not too deep for a first course on Angular. Explanations really clear. I did run into a few minor issues because course was created on earlier versions of Angular and bootstrap.

  7. Farha Abidi

    A very comprehensive course on angular. I really liked the teacher’s approach to this subject.

  8. Tosaporn Sangpisan

    the busy devs will like it same as me, most covering all necessary areas in Angular for novice level like me

  9. Alexandru Moldovan

    Exceptional good! I enjoyed every minute of it. Good job!

  10. Sourabh Pandit

    super duper . enjoying learning.

  11. Serhat Uluç

    Mosh is a great lecturer. Everything seems easier with his way of teaching

  12. Cristiane Cobo

    Great course, but it is outdated. It is necessary to research and adapt some resources to write in our local, the examples given in this course. But it gives a great basis for Angular functionalities.

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