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Angular with NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Training Guide

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Learn how to connect your Angular Frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB Backend by building a real Application

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12 avis pour Angular with NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Training Guide

  1. Justin B Weisberg

    You have to update the deployment part at the end, it’s a nightmare trying to do it as is shown in the video, please update!!

  2. Trevor Hunter

    Great course, content, and pace of learning. Very relevant examples and Max is a great teacher overall!

  3. Ondřej Slíva

    This course was absolutely amazing. In the course, you create a simple application step by step. As someone who doesn’t know Angular or Node, I understood everything in the course. Although the author says that the course is only a “summary” of the NodeJS and Angular course, all concepts are clearly explained.

  4. Richard Fejeran

    max is an amazing teacher and this was a pretty good course. my only complaint, as a somewhat beginner is that i noticed alot of tutorials in the course are somewhat outdated since this course is at least a few years old now the tools and websites used are completely different than what max shows. On the flip side, being a programmer/developer is all about doing research and finding the answers you need so thats exactly what youll have to do. with a little digging and research you can apply max’s teaching to the new updated versions of the tools used but at the end it gets a little confusing. All in all i wish i had taken this class a long time ago. Worth every penny thanks max and your team!

  5. Oğuz Timur TAŞDELEN

    MERN-stack öğrenmek için izlediğim en iyi eğitim seriydi. Bu eğitim sayesinde profesyonel düzeyde bir uygulama yapabildim ve kullanıma sunabildim.


    Should have given assignments or practice examples so that by doing so could have understood the objective and importance of each concept rather than a one-time explanation for the time being. Just coding along with ongoing sessions, not able to keep up with the actual flow of development. Thank You.

  7. Avery Smith

    This has been a great experience for me but I have had a hard time following because im still very new to angular. I should have done the full angular course by Max first then do this course. But Max is a great teacher and having the complete files at the end of each section is great so if anyone is stuck they can compare what they have to the correct completed files.

  8. Federica d’Incalci

    Thanks to this course I’m ready for the MEAN Stack job interview I got! Thank you so much Max!!

  9. Preet Mehta

    Lovely course. Great tutoring, great support whenever needed and to the point discussions. This course is a confidence booster for domain switchers like me.

  10. Ilknur

    I must tell first that it’s not a course for beginners. For each component of MEAN, especially Angular, you should really have more than basic knowledge. You should also have basic JavaScript and TypeScript knowledge too. Otherwise, it may be difficult to understand the structure and catch up with the pace of the course. Besides that, it’s a great course for those who want to work with MEAN JS and Max is a great narrator. He describes in detail everything that is required.

  11. Nicholas Atkinson

    Great course for beginners like myself. The deployment module could use some updating since the AWS UI has changed significantly but overall I love Max and his courses and highly recommend this one

  12. Julien Wickramatunga

    Comme d’habitude, Max couvre bien les différents aspects des sujets qu’il enseigne, il est clair dans ses explications.
    Il prend également le temps de montrer quels problèmes il rencontre, comment il les analyse et comment il les résout.
    C’est une compétence clé pour tout développeur!

    Et comme il le rappelle, une connaissance préalable d’Angular est vivement recommandée afin d’entamer ce cours.

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