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Apache Kafka Course for Beginners: Learn Kafka Online

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START HERE: Learn Apache Kafka 3.0 Ecosystem, Core Concepts, Real World Java Producers/Consumers & Big Data Architecture

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12 avis pour Apache Kafka Course for Beginners: Learn Kafka Online

  1. Evgeniya Davidyants

    The course is informative, but I found it too stuffed with the information, that was just on the fly mentioned (at a too high tempo) in the course. It might be better to pack less stuff into the course but to give it more thorough look into it.

  2. Arvind Bakshi

    Course content is good considering it is beginner level but there is no support for it. If you are stuck somewhere you are on your own. Was not able to do practical of some topics because the steps shown in video were not working and searching on google didn’t help. Tried reaching to instructor but it was a dead end.

  3. Ziad Taha

    great instructor and very informative course that explains the concepts of Kafka very Clearly , gives you insights of the advanced capabilities and provide hand-on experience .

  4. Lucian Simionov

    No provided slides, frustrating. I spent time massively to note down most of the points exposed on slides.
    Also subjects like transactions were not approached. Would have been nice to say how to implement different transactions (produce, consume-produce, when external legacy resources dbs, jms destinations are involved what to do to encompass all in a transaction).
    Questions in some quiz were not relevant for the lesson. Once even the info was missing. Some times were questions about details although I was attentive and understood the explanations well.

  5. Álvaro José Lobaton Restrepo

    The course content was amazing. I loved the images, diagrams and overall the use cases that helped me to better understand the behavior and applications of several components and aspects of Kafka.
    I only have one recommendation related to the Kafka Connect (Section 13). It would be great to have a guide on how to deploy the Kafka components and adding connectors when using Docker and confluentinc/cp-… images.

  6. Gowdham T

    The course is must one for all those who wants to have a very good understanding on Kafka with both theory and hands-on. This is just perfect course and feeling confident on kafka basics. Kudos to the instructor.

  7. Carlos Hernandez

    Great comprehensive introduction to Kafka. Stephane’s an excellent instructor, very clear, with well-crafted hand-on components that get you experimenting tight the technology. Highly recommended, will look for other courses by him!

  8. Amitesh Ranjan Srivastava

    Good course for the beginners. Content and explanation were great. Only minor issue for me was the rate of speech of an instructor. If reduce the rate of speech to .75x, then the sound quality was not that good.

  9. Bailo Dávid

    It was really good and helpful, thank you! A few things to mention, none of them are actual problems, just would be good if they were included in the course:
    – creating consumers with ConsumerFactory
    – consuming with the @KafkaListener annotation
    – manual committing with acknowledgements

  10. Martijn Linsen

    Very good course to get an overview of Kafka, as well as getting deep dives into coding for Kafka. Although I’m not a Apache Kafka developer, I’m pretty sure that with this course I could make a start in becoming one.

  11. Ritesh Tarway

    Its a good high level overview of Kafka and associated ecosystem of connectors, streams, schema registry and tasks associated with kafka cluster management and kafka security. Any one interested in learning kafka can start this course with just basic understanding of java programs and then decide to gain more knowledge and expertise as per needs and interests.

  12. Samraj Subramaniam

    Amazing preparation for this course and my appreciation for keeping the course content current

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