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Appium Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks Tutorial

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[LATEST VERSION 2.0] Master on Mobile Apps Automation Testing from basics to Framework CI/CD with real time examples

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12 avis pour Appium Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks Tutorial

  1. Atul Pipalava

    Its Awesome project learn by Rahul sir.
    Learned lots of things from deep level.

    I recommended to all to please learn Appium from this course..

  2. Vennapusa Mallikarjuna Reddy

    The topics in the course pretty much useful to do mobile apps automation. Good to go.

  3. Surender M3

    Nice explanation, Now I got confidence that I can work with TestNG

  4. Sharath Chandra Reddy Mandadi

    Excellent course with real examples and maintained industry standards

  5. H S Kamath

    A great learning experience of Mobile Automation using Appium covering both Windows (Android) and Mac (IOS & Android).

  6. Sagar Paulkar

    Its wonderful learning experience with Rahul Shetty sir . Now my most of the concept of appium testing are clear.

  7. Sarıcizmeli

    the instructor tries his best to make you understand the concept. What I liked is that, based on the Errors exceptions that students had, He put some extra videos for the solution. that shows he cares…

  8. Zankhana Jani

    really needs to update the software installation lessons , It’s all old. not able to install it properly . Have use other videos from YouTube for proper installation.

  9. Ashvinee Paradkar

    Awesome course, Good content, Well learning experience. But found difficulties in environment setup, for that 4 ratings. Thank you @Rahul Shetty and @Team.

  10. Chetan Vekariya

    Very interesting and the easy way to learn Appium. Happy with then content and the way it is delivered. Thank you Rahul sir.

  11. Himanshu Joshi

    Hi Rahul,

    While your sessions are nice and you tried addressing the real time problems as much as possible, here are my few suggestions I feel will make your session more helpful for us and I feel below points will be considered by you in right spirits.

    1) Make your sessions helpful for very quick learning : In the very first chapters itself create a sample architecture (running selenium, Appium from Jenkins, Maven having log4j, Reports, screenshots etc.) which is actually used in the real time development so that we can quickly learn the important concepts first. Inner things could be learnt later also .
    2) Properly pronounce: While pronunciation is not a matter in Technical areas, but still matters during training sessions.
    Here are some of the very frequent pronunciation mistakes. Please correct it.
    – The word “feature” is (wrongly) pronounced as “fyoochar” which has
    very different meaning.
    – The word “selector” is (wrongly) pronounced as “silektaaaar”.
    – The word “simulator” is (wrongly) pronounced as “saimyulator”.
    3) Follow standards: It is a standard not to start Java methods in capital letters and you are writing methods starting with capital letter. It is not proper to say “during sessions such trivial matters should not be considered” because you need not put extra efforts for such things.
    4) Code formatting : Always format the code properly so that your code looks beautiful. In Eclipse, you just need to do “Ctrl shift F” will do the work for you which I feel you know very well as a trainer. Again it is not proper to say “during sessions such trivial matters should not be considered”.

  12. Maksym Seliukov

    Rahul is on of the best teachers out there. Love his courses. They are so informative and the support is always great!

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