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Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming Course

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A practical programming course for office workers, academics, and administrators who want to improve their productivity.

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12 avis pour Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming Course

  1. magna378 .

    Great course, only complaint is notes get lost when you typed them out in the text box and decide to maximize the screen to hide the lesson list. Very frustrating to have to retype notes. Other than that AMAZING.

  2. Tabish Sajwani

    This course is very outdated. Author has not updated the program for two years and also missed a lot of things like list comprehension, tenary operators, and a lot more.

  3. Boitumelo Maseko

    I took this course because I want to understand Python better so that it can assist me in making tedious tasks easier to do. There is much to learn and I now see that you can do almost anything with Python if you know how to use it.
    I like how the course shows different ways of accomplishing the same tasks and where you can get information on something that you are trying to do when you get stuck. It is very interesting but I want to learn to become decent at coding at least.

  4. Craig Walker

    Overall, it was a good match for me. It also forced me to learn more about how windows 10 works, for instance to describe new paths.

  5. Igor Sabino

    This course is great and Al communicates all the lessons very clearly. I felt engaged throughout the entire course. Thank you, Al.

    PS: Some of the libs have had their methods deprecated (for example get_sheet_by_name in excel lib), therefore please check the latest syntax.

  6. Craig Goosen

    The course is getting a bit dated, making some thing not work anymore. However it was still a excellent course.

  7. Benjamin Adler

    A lot of good and useful info for a beginner to Python like me, however, the age of this course can easily be seen, especially with the later lectures and it could do with an update.

  8. Michael Satumba

    I highly recommend the ‘Automate the Boring Stuff with Python’ course on Udemy. The course is well-structured and the instructor’s teaching style is clear and easy to follow. The examples and exercises used in the course are practical and relevant, allowing students to immediately apply the concepts learned to real-world tasks. The course is also filled with useful tips and tricks that are not found in the book version. The instructor’s sense of humor also makes the material more engaging and enjoyable. Overall, this is an excellent course for anyone looking to automate tedious tasks and improve their productivity with Python.

  9. Some One

    This is a great beginner’s starting point and having the videos to supplement the book really does help in codifying the foundational skills you need to advance in using Python more proficiently.

    The author is generous to put out a lot of other content that is open and generally free so when you can give him a boost so he can continue to make great content for the community.

  10. Raj Chauhan

    I love this course. All the basic concepts of python are covered and the projects in the course are full to make. This is a video series of the author’s book. I find a few stuffs that are outdated like some command in a module is deprecated. I hope the author update this course and adds a few more advanced concepts to it. But still, it’s an excellent course.

  11. Carlos Castillo

    Amazing course and amazing explanations, simple and upfront. For some libraries you´ll need to get yourself around browsing in the web (which is also a valuable tool). Make variations and explore the examples to make the best out of it. Greetings from Colombia.

  12. Brandon Bergfalk

    Love this course. Love Al (and Zophie). Love his choices for what to teach. I’ve wanted to learn Python for years and I feel like this course gave me great foundational tools in that pursuit.

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