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AWS Serverless APIs & Web Apps – A Complete Introduction

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Get into serverless computing with API Gateway, AWS Lambda and other Amazon Web Services! Zero server config APIs & SPAs

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12 avis pour AWS Serverless APIs & Web Apps – A Complete Introduction

  1. Andrii Liapko

    Very nice course, I have learned a lot. And I can honestly recommend it to everyone who wants to have some hands-on on AWS. The only thing that maybe I didn’t like is that we were working on an Angular app all the time (I am not familiar with this) and some code was a bit confusing. But, I don’t think my personal preferences on the web app framework is a reason to rate this course on something less than 5 stars. Wish to see more courses like this on AWS. I will be very happy to see someday a course from this instructor on data streaming on AWS

  2. Jesús Espín López

    Speak to fast and Strange accent make it dificult to follow.
    Too much information. Some basic concepts not well defined.

  3. Piotr Sagan

    I have love-hate relationship with this course.
    On one hand lots of useful information, good explanation of concepts & mechanics of AWS services. Nice presentation of integration and interconnections between them.
    On the other hand, this course is woefully outdated. And no effort was made to fix the most annoying issues:
    – Lambda Functions now natively uses AWS SDK v3. The course material is based on AWS SDK v2.
    Even though, it looks like a minor inconvenience, v3 has a quite different interface. And, more importantly, its official documentation is not very good. It is difficult to find meaningful examples. Explanations are very scarce. Parameters are not well documented. Keeping that in mind, I think it would be very helpful if the instructor attached a few code snippets with the updated code.
    – Angular front-end application used in chapters 5 & 6, did not work for me of the box. It was created long time ago with now very ancient Angular v4.
    I managed to fix it. But again, in my opinion, the source code attached to the course should be in working order, and thus should be brought up to date.
    Nonetheless, overall I found this course very informative. Hence, my rating of 4.5.

  4. Jan Malý

    Course was great as it followed a path of building an app through stages, adding more and more services from AWS on the way.

    The only downside is the content is a bit older – AWS console has a different GUI today, complex code examples need some tweaking as they simply fail to build. Usually can be resolved quickly via the comments. It would really help keeping this course up to date by at least pointing to common issues and fixes.

  5. Udemy 1

    Super erklärt, gute Einführung. Leider scheint das Code-Beispiel für die Webapp noch nicht auf die aktuelle Node-Version umgestellt zu sein.

  6. Mandrado Silva Dos Santos

    O curso é muito bom, apesar de não estar tão atualizado é possível acompanhar e replicar tudo que foi ensinado.

  7. Jano Barnard

    This course is outdated and I struggled for a few hours to get some Lambda & Cognito intagration working – I had to search a lot and combine some snippets of code and downgrade to an old version of Node.js to get things working. With that being said, I still learnt a lot from this course and I’m excited to try and set up a serverless application on AWS now. I would not recommend this course to someone who cannot solve tech problems on their own as you will probably get even more stuck as this course becomes more and more outdated. If there’s a more up to date course out there that covers the same content, I would rather go for that or take this course with another similar course to get the best of both.

  8. Brendan Kendrick

    Some of the Amazon UI is pretty out of date. Beware that using the latest Lambda Node runtime (18 at the time of writing) will result in some very different code than what is demonstrated. I suggest Node 16 if you want to code along exactly.

  9. Hojung Kim

    All software version and UI updated and the way he does do not work now for DynamoDB. All worked before Dynamodb though.

  10. Johnny Tablada

    The course was a great match for me. All the courses which Maximillian Schwarzmuller has produced have been, and continue to be, great. His approach, and methodology, to disseminating the subject-at-hand is unrivaled by most other instructors within Udemy. The information is methodically presented the way it needs to be done for the student, and it is incremented along the way through the use of follow-along-exercises which keep building onto themselves and permit the student to grow in confidence with the acquired knowledge.

  11. Joshua Rushing

    This course is a fairly good primer for AWS beginners. It is however outdated and doesn’t seem to be getting any real attention from the course creator. If you know how to use google and stack overflow to work through the problems you encounter, then you’ll be okay. Otherwise, I’d seek an alternative to this course.

  12. Vitor Oliveira Arbex

    Curso excelente, perfeito para aprender sobre API Gateway e Lambdas pra usar em PWAs ou APPs, Como todos os cursos do Max é incrivelmente didático, só não dou 5 estrelas porque o curso é bem antigo e tem algumas coisas desatualizadas, mas no geral da pra acompanhar perfeitamente.

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