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Bash Scripting and Shell Programming Course Linux Command Line

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Learn bash programming for Linux, Unix, & Mac. Learn how to write bash scripts like a pro & solve real-world problems!

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12 avis pour Bash Scripting and Shell Programming Course Linux Command Line

  1. Barbara Rodriguez

    Really great content! Easy to follow and great exercises to practice your understanding of concepts. Highly recommended ++

  2. Celestin Kamta

    Well explained lectures with very easy to understand examples

  3. Fabio Yaguinuma

    In my opinion, I think it lacked practical classes, it was a lot of content presented in slides, personally not the best way for me to learn.

  4. GEORGE Gogo

    very clear and precise instructions on bash script with good examples and a lot of outside resources and references added in. would be perfect however if the answers to the questions were provided so as to make comparisons

  5. Abhishek Singh86

    Hi Pretty much liked the course, just could be better if a little more course content would be there, However for beginners This course is highly recommended and to be honest cleared my basics.

  6. Daniel Omar Vergara Pérez

    The sed section may improve a little bit breaking down the video into multiple one with exercises included

  7. Gabriel de Jesus Trejo Tinoco

    Great explanation for those who want to start coding. I would like to see more Hands On Practices.

  8. Vanaraj Neerathilingam

    Good and easy to understand. If there could be practical added during the scripts in parallel it will be better to understand. ! Thank you for you all kind efforts.

  9. Makss Golubs

    Really solid. Not unnecessarily long. Proves that shell scripting is an quick to pick up. The Course focuses on applying the knowledge on real world problems.

  10. Ravi Paruchuri

    very interesting and good know about bash scripting

  11. Dhananjay Faltankar

    It was a very informative Course a learnt a lot from this course and prepared my own script.

  12. Christian J Arballo

    This course is very good. I just learned a LOT of stuff. Thanks Jason!

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