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Be a Better Web Designer & Developer (23 Hands-On Projects)

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Become a Full-Stack Web Designer in 2023 – Learn Everything from Web Design Fundamentals to Front-End Web Development

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12 avis pour Be a Better Web Designer & Developer (23 Hands-On Projects)

  1. Val Patterson

    Brad has been an excellent instructor. His understanding of the material and experience gives him the ability to present concepts and lessons in a personable way with boyish charm. My only criticism is his adherence to colour and favourite, instead of color and favorite.

  2. Dwight Lysak

    Its been a long time since I was coding and getting back into it and looking to start freelancing. The course is awesome thought I had a good idea of what I’m doing but so much more to learn thanks.

  3. Eugene Kachmarsky

    I took an introductory course in HTML/CSS before this one and while I understood and followed along, I had a hard time visualizing what we were doing because I had no context in which to see it. However, because Brad Hussey started his course by presenting it as part of the general design process, it put the coding and styling principles in an easily understandable and visualizable context. I’m a 56-yr-old geezer in a forced career change, and this course gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to get it going. So the course is good even if you don’t have prior design & development knowledge, but not so basic that it doesn’t challenge you. Entertaining presenter, and as a fellow fan of all things Hawaii, “Mahalo, bruh!”

  4. Harshal Nanekar

    So far, so good!!!
    I am unable to download the resources on windows. Please help!

  5. Malika Wilson

    I loved how Brad breaks down how to use Figma, especially for someone who is not completely as tech-savvy as I am. The class started off great, learning about HTML and CSS was very fun and tapped into my creative side, but I know that’s not all there is to Web Development. Once we got into JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP, it became more difficult to keep up, especially when we had to download more complicated programs. I don’t have a Mac Book, so many of the programs that worked for Brad didn’t work well for me at all and when I tried to reach out to someone for help, it took forever for them to get back to me. By the end of the course, I was more confused than ever, and then for it to end with us learning something we already went over at the beginning of the course…it was like what was the point of that. Overall, it’s an ok course if you want to get your feet wet in tech… but I would definitely not recommend this course if you wanted to dive deep into web dev or for older adults looking for a career change.

  6. Frank Osei – Yeboah

    yes sure. I have gain a lot of skills and its amazing… thanks proud of myself

  7. Nuru Deen Jalloh

    Very fun to learn this course. I love and enjoy ever second of it.

  8. Joshua Holmes

    Time not allocated well between HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Tons of time spent in HTML and CSS and almost none spent in JS and PHP. I did not walk away understanding how the latter 2 worked at all, or how to use it in a real-world setting. Also, front end frameworks are very important in web design, and this does not cover that at all. I cannot think of a single company that uses vanilla HTML, CSS and JS, other than a local company with a rinky dink website.

  9. Ranjit rajan

    Great course. Have took many courses from udemy before also. But this one covers almost all the frontend technologies. If you have a basic understanding of html,css and js, then this course will definitely take you to next level.

  10. Laxman Chavda

    Explained each and every single bit of knowledge in very productive & meaningful way. I enjoyed the funny teaching style 🙂 . Javascript and JQuery need to be explained more practically. Overall good, creative and career making stuff for freelance work.

  11. Safayed Bin Islam

    Yes, brad is very humorous and has very tacky way of illustrating his speeches that his video lectures turns into a very fun way of learning new different and difficult things.

    Love his intro and outro musics. ! love his taste of colour as well

  12. Sunil Gurung

    simple and easy to learn.

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