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Become a Bootstrap 4 Boss: Modern Front-End Development

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Master Bootstrap 4 and build 5 real world themes while learning HTML5 semantics & CSS3

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12 avis pour Become a Bootstrap 4 Boss: Modern Front-End Development

  1. Charles K. Winters

    I feel that I now have a good understanding of Bootstrap, and even more importantly, I know where and how to get the answers of the things that I don’t know!

  2. Hector Manjarrez

    Very nice course! I recommend to have a basic experience with HTML, JavaScript & jQuery. It’s not necessary but I think you will enjoy and have a better understanding of this class. The resources are great! A+++++!!!!

  3. Paul Udoh

    The course is really good. I like the instructor’s approach to teaching. He uses a step by step approach and walks alongside the student in the learning process.
    Great Job

  4. Vajk Turóczy

    I thought a lot about which training to choose for bootstrap and in the end I did not regret that I chose an older but more recognized course. It was practical and simple. Thanks!

  5. Larissa Cooper

    I think Brad explains everything in a direct down to earth fashion. It’s a pleasure to learn from him.

  6. Roger Popp

    Excellent course, Brad is such a great Educator, this is my 5th course with him.

  7. James Mccarthy

    It was good, slow at times but pretty good. Enough for me to get all of his courses, pretty clear, sometimes too fast sometimes too slow depends on what you already know. Caters to everyone.

  8. Alberto Russell

    Excellent course with all the needed content and explanation

  9. Nicolas

    5-stars, looks like “overrated”? Definitely not, Brad is THE man! I mean, Colt, Maximilian, Jose and Angela are some fantastic web development teachers on Udemy but I gotta say, I’ve started with Brad and I do not regreat it. I’m still extremely impressed by this course. What’s different with Brad, you can REALLY feel that he worked his a** off to make some great content, and this course is no different. All the projets you will build are pretty awesome. They look REALLY professional and creative. I had such a good time building them, especially the last one, this one is special in its “look” and will be adding some great asset to your coding!
    Thanks Brad, always a pleasure to buy one of your courses Sir! (I have quite a few ; )

  10. Alok Kumar

    Really it’s very very useful and it increasing my knowledge and making me proficient.

  11. Anil Kumar Sahu

    Very good for beginners this course very informative for students who want learn and practice bootstrap in easy way. Go for this course you will love it. Thanks for Brad for making this kind of good stuff.

  12. Goutam Sopanrao Suryawanshi

    It was a vibrant journey with you. This course will surely help me in building my own apps and websites as the content in this course is quite comprehensive. Learned a lot while practicing the code along with you. Anyone who wants to become a front end developer must take this course. Thanks a lot for setting the ground for me. !!

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