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Become a WordPress Code Developer Course

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Learn PHP, JavaScript, WordPress theming & the WP REST API to Create Custom & Interactive WordPress Websites

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12 avis pour Become a WordPress Code Developer Course

  1. John Stapleton

    Enjoyed the course, learnt a lot that’ll help me in my WordPress journey.

  2. Anyetei Ako-Nai

    The course is refreshingly comprehensive. I’d have to run through it a second time to appreciate its unusual coverage of Full Site Editing. The tutor uses React and JSX – two bêtes noires of mine – liberally in his lessons. That leaves me wondering whether the course provided me with a usable template for my next WP project.

  3. Mitch DeFelice

    I felt the course was too long. I would move the Block Editor to another course and focused more on the architecture overview of WordPress and the components. It would have been nice to see what WordPress components makes up a MVC and examples how you apply the Rest Controller. Also, what would be helpful is an overview on how to integrate “encryption at rest” to assure the user data is protected from hackers if the database should get compromised

  4. Scott Jenkins

    I have reviewed and taken several WordPress development courses. This one by far is the best out there. The course is very detailed and has plenty of hands-on work. If you are looking to create themes in WordPress, purchase this course. You will not be disappointed.

  5. Elijah Wilcott

    Incredibly helpful – and also attitude-changing. I came into the course pretty close to despising WordPress. Brad’s knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm changed both my perspective and my ability.

  6. Cheryl Madson

    The bulk of the course is a code-along, but Brad has developed several good examples to follow, both in theme and plugin development, and I feel that I learned a lot of details from them. I especially liked the approach of developing a classic site and then migrating it to a full-site editing site.

    However, I’m not sure if this is the best “first course” for learning how to develop under the WordPress ecosystem. The course is missing a strong higher-level conceptual framework, a place where we can hang our new pieces of knowledge and work towards a bigger-picture understanding.

    It would also help if someone (either Brad or a TA) were able to continue to engage with the newer students.

  7. MP Wdev

    Great Course for WordPress devs. My best recommendation. All information about WordPress development (theme, plugin) + usual upcoming updates with new versions of WP and NPM.
    The course helps me understand main concepts. I use solutions from this course in my current live WP projects. With new lecture updates I know about new features and may check up to date working code to understand what changed. Continuous updates and support.
    Thank you Brad

  8. Atharv Bajare

    perfect course to learn wordpress . continues hands-on wordpress website development is good for any learner.

  9. Claudio Battaglino

    I think that this is a great course. It is full of contents that are explained in a clearly and comprehensively way.
    It is a bit long and requires a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it.
    It it among the most useful online courses I’ve ever followed. Thank you Brad.

  10. David Gaskin

    This course is amazing. It covers practically everything I’ve ever wanted to know about coding for WordPress, and Brad is an exceptional teacher. He doesn’t just show you how but also talks about the ‘why’ behind why you’re doing something. As a coder and WordPress developer, I highly recommend this course!

  11. Viviana Cerrutti

    Amazing course, one of the best instructors I’ve learned from in Udemy. Everything is ver well explained. I was programming side by side and most of the time did’t have to look the video, just listen to the instructor while he narrated everything to be done.

  12. Sven Seynaeve

    very interesting , just would have loved to have the full explanation for the js vs jquery solutions.

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