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Beginning C++ Programming – From Beginner to Beyond

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Obtain Modern C++ Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and STL skills. C++14 and C++17 covered. C++20 info see below.

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12 avis pour Beginning C++ Programming – From Beginner to Beyond

  1. Louie Abutan

    This course really helped me gain a solid understanding of C++. The lectures are filled with information, and the instructor delivers the concepts very well. And equally as important is that the instructor is very active in answering questions in the Q&A section.

    Highly recommended!

  2. Steven II Heath

    I’m not new to C++, I took it back in college, but it only covered procedural programming with the language, and this course went in a lot more depth. I finished it recently to prepare myself for a test to get out of a pre-requisite for my Computer Science Masters. Without it, I definitely would not feel prepared (and hopefully I pass.)

    It’s good for beginners, though I can see them struggling with some topics later on. It’s good for those coming from a different language as well, where the later topics where things get more advanced will be the most interesting. The latter would be me, as I have a PHP background. There’s definitely a lot I can take back to the workplace, even if I’m probably not going to pick up C++ again until a future career requires it.

    If you can get through some of the repetition (which happens in the advance topics, but it does help), it’s definitely a worthwhile course.

  3. Bryan Butler

    This is a huge course on C++. I came from programming R, Python, Assembly and others. There is a lot here, and Dr. Frank is a great instructor – the slides are very thorough and the explanations are clear. There are lots of examples, quizzes, challenges, etc. to keep you going. I took this course to get into C++ so I can use it for Game Dev; I have a few C++ courses on that. If you want to learn C++, this is definitely the course to get you going.

  4. Yves Lebrun

    Wow this course is great and learnt a lot about the C++ programing beginning and Advanced . Thanks a lot for teaching this wonderful programming C++ class.

  5. Julien MEYER

    Here is my honest review as a total beginner in C++ and overall in programming languages. I spent more than 6 months to finish this course spending at least 30 to 60 minutes(a few hours some times) a day 5times a week in average.

    While it is a very complete course on C++ fundamentals for people to begin with C++, it felt quite difficult at times because of elements completely omitted by the teacher himself(eg. explained for loops but not what is a collection and later talks about collection without explaining what it is).

    In the beginning it is nice and slow and easy to understand the concepts but the more we went further and the less we had concrete explanations on how things work. Even if we had slides explaining concepts, the lack of slow and steady explanation on more complex parts and moving on to the next piece of code too fast made it hard to understand and at times it was impossible to understand for me.

    Paying for a course but having to go on google to find a free website that explains better in a few sentences with an easier example is quite a miss in my opinion. Especially when the teacher barely explains how a more difficult concept works and then a second after takes 20 whole seconds explaining an obvious and very easy concept/piece of code we already seen too many times.

    One thing that bugged me quite a lot was that we had quite good lessons with nice examples and when we arrived at the exercice part it was nothing about what we had learned which made the exercices terrible in my experience. At times it was good because I had to go online and find by myself potential solutions but sometimes it was just too much because the teacher’s solution was mixing several elements not even seen in the previous lessons. It is not a good way to retain/pratice/master elements seen in the class if we don’t even use them in the exercices in my opinion.

    Overall the course was good but I feel like I lost a lot of my own time trying to follow along and code by myself because of what I explained above. I would recommend only if you are really motivated to invest a lot of time learning C++.

    Things to note:
    -Teacher is quite responsive if we have questions but sometimes seem to not answer the main question.
    -Complete list of fundamentals to learn.
    -Source codes available both for the lessons and the exercices(challenges).
    -Good sound quality.
    -Lack of concrete examples on what some code can be used for.

  6. Katharine T

    Lots of topics covered and explained well. Found the challenge exercises very helpful practice throughout the course. Would recommend!

  7. Atharva Sadashiv Tapkir

    Very informative. Best one to consider to get a brief knowledge of C++ and move on to a project confidently.

  8. Affonso Henrique Scarante

    It’s a great course, I recommend it. I missed some real life projects or applications to use what is teached throughout the course. Nonetheless, it’s a great course to learn C++.

  9. Mohamed Ahmed

    This is a very good course, going through various features of modern C++, with easy to follow examples and clear explanations. There are programming challenges with solutions in every section, which solidifies the concepts being taught.


    It was amazing! It took me some time and totally worth it!
    Lambda and STL part was unique, it definitely mane my head scratch and my brain moving!

  11. Omar Zaida

    Great course! Would recommend to take it slowly and code whatever you learn . the challenges are a great introductions to the concepts and help cement the knowledge acquired during this course

  12. Devansh Johri

    This course is definitely one of the best course for learning C++ from scratch. The way of explaining things and clearing doubts is best. I had no idea about C++ but after learning from this course, now, I can say without any hesitation that I know C++ at advance level.

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