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Beginning Modern JavaScript (Includes 10 Real Projects)

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Learn and build projects with pure JavaScript (No frameworks or libraries)

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12 avis pour Beginning Modern JavaScript (Includes 10 Real Projects)

  1. Mohamed Abdi

    At the start it is hard. with time and practice, your understanding gets enhanced. and w3schools have come in handy. A Lot more to learn.
    learning never ends. Even for this course, I have to rewatch the videos, teach others pro bono to master the concepts. Knowledge grows with giving.

  2. WebDevelopers Barcelona

    Dr Brad is the best instructor out there. Period.
    Thank you for this another amazing course, I learned a lot.

  3. Kedejra Cameron

    the final project needs updating. difficult to follow along when building on your own. over all pretty good courdse

  4. Siddharth Yadav

    I have tried learning JavaScript before but couldn’t ever completely go through all important concepts due to a variety of reasons. But this course changed that. With this course, Brad has once again proved why he is one of the best tech educators in the world. The course is well structured and is taught with a practical approach with a lot of projects and the latest trends and standards. The course was easy to follow and comprehensive. I recommend it to anyone trying to learn or revise JavaScript concepts.

  5. Bill MacPherson

    Awesome course. I knew a little bit of JavaScript before taking this course, but this taught me so much more. The async/await and fetch parts as well as the projects were very good quality. I would highly recommend this course even though it is several years old.

  6. Kerry Kreiter

    Great job Brad! The lessons and projects were super relevant and current. Can’t wait to try your other courses.

  7. Alta Web

    Overall Brad explains these concepts very well. Although some portions of the course went really quick and were lacking indepth reasoning.

  8. Favour Onwuka

    I love how he explains every detail and makes it easier to understand. he is definitely my favorite developer

  9. Atanda Timothy

    I must confess the experiences I had were great ones, I mean I was exposed to so many things in software programming and am so glad I learnt from Brad, he is great teacher. I also want to suggest that Brad should renew this course, because of some external backend(API) that are not functioning or not exiting again for the other students coming who might want to learn to the fullness.

  10. Anurag Singh

    Good start for understanding the basics of JS. Each and every concept is thoroughly explained and it is a good starting point for getting into JS.

  11. Kaan

    Overall good course, definitely not a beginner friendly one. If you are a beginner pick a different course else the course is ok.

  12. Alberuni Azad

    Brad is one of my favorite teachers and I like his teaching way very much.

    I never complete any course 100%, and always did give up. But this is the first time I’ve completed an entire course.

    It was very challenging for me to complete this course but I didn’t give up this time and learned a lot of things.

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