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Build Responsive Websites with HTML5 and CSS3

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Learn modern HTML5, CSS3 and web design by building a stunning website for your portfolio! Includes flexbox and CSS Grid

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12 avis pour Build Responsive Websites with HTML5 and CSS3

  1. Santos Fernando

    So, I´ve now finished the css and html course, and what I have to say from the bottom of my heart is that Jonas Schmendtmann is really an excelent teacher, the best that I´ve ever seen, I became a fan of him during the course because of his way of doing all. I really recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good teacher with a good teaching system. Thank you teacher, you are brilliant, and the world needs you.

  2. D Austin

    Terrific — detailed, comprehensive, and easy to follow.

  3. Rapheal Omoyeni

    Took time to explain everything, best course for a both a beginner and someone who has one or two ideas about html and css already.

  4. Sagar Shankar

    Very detailed explanation that cannot be found in any other course. Fun to do exercises, great explanations with a mixture of both theory and practical exercises! Had a lot of fun while finishing the course, also the doubt support response was pretty good! Thankyou Jonas for teaching this course in the most creative way possible!

  5. Shehryar Arshad

    Best teacher ever, he explains everything in efficient way, take the course blindly, Thank you sir Jonas Schmedtmann, Really enjoyed your course

  6. Oleksii Tkachuk

    The course is so good! Thank you, Jonas. The only thing I’ve found to be a downside is the lack of practical assignments. I would love to crack more practice tasks like the ones in the beginning.

    Cheers from Ukraine!

  7. Burak Emre Küpçüoğlu

    Excellent course that teaches HTML and CSS fundamentals and beyond. You also learn about design philosophies, structuring a project, clean code and you create a beautiful website at the end of the course.

  8. SEBAZUNGU Jean Baptiste

    This course is amazing. It is the key for me to start my first journey of web development. I think Jonas is the best teacher for everyone. He uses all possible techniques in order to make the course very understandable even though for for the beginner like me, someone can reach somewhere it get complicated but no matter that is usual at the beginning. At the lecture of 146. image optimizations here it becomes complicated for me because of the tool for resizing the image that is not available for windows but at apples only. But I also blame for not giving me the feedback on the question I asked. Anyway I recommend this course to everybody who has the willingness to start learning web development. This course is rich and has the best teacher.

  9. Dianna Gilbert

    Thank you Jonas! I very much enjoyed the course and learnt so much because you took the time to explain everything clearly and comprehensively. I now feel I have the tools and knowledge to help me build my own site.

  10. Amr Gharzaddeen

    I watched the course twice, and in the second time I still learned so many things that I completely missed in the first time. Highly recommended and Jonas teaches the concepts slowly and in depth, I really loved it, tons of value in there!

  11. Merick Icy Agustin

    Thanks to this course, this made me gain my confidence at the same time refreshes some of the basic HTML and CSS. This course really helpful to make myself able to catch up to shift me back to become a web developer again.

  12. Deka

    Such an amazing course! Very practical and hands on learning. Jonas is a great instructor and explains the topics so clearly. CSS is not so intimidating anymore. I’m confident in the skills I learned and am ready to apply them on my own. Highly recommend this course!

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