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Build REST APIs with Flask and Python (The Complete Course)

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Build professional REST APIs with Python, Flask, Docker, Flask-Smorest, and Flask-SQLAlchemy

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12 avis pour Build REST APIs with Flask and Python (The Complete Course)

  1. Everson Magalhães Cavalcante

    Comprei o curso em 2020/2021 e agora tivemos uma baita melhoria com o uso do flask-smorest, flask-migrate e criação de filas com emails. Simplesmente sensacional!!!

  2. Markus Eichelhardt

    Well structured, comprehensive and good to follow. Only thing I miss a bit is how to work with the API on the client side (even if building the client isn’t the main concern here). At least there was one example in the first version. I subtract half a star for that. I re add that half star for the excellent documentation (github, e-book) and communications (discord).

  3. Kaido Kariste

    I like the clear talking and good English. I like that it does not give overview about basic functions but adds extra like email sending , queue management etc. Sad that for Swagger was so less used.

  4. Philip Kogel

    Great course! A lot of useful staff and good explanation. Was missing docker-compose for local development in my opinion thats why 4,5/5

  5. Kiril Ilarionov

    The excellent presentation!
    Why do not polish the content?

    For example:
    – to make a bridge between SQL terminology & and ones used by python libraries;
    – or to include a summary before a particular module import.

  6. Christopher Koutsouros

    The course’s first section is an excellent start if you want to learn how to program in python as it covers the basics and everything else you need to know in order to set up a proper environment.
    For the actual REST API project however as things get more complicated I would have preferred if the courses explained in greater detail how to use flask and the other libraries instead of just the functionalities that were being in use.
    I would, without fear, recommend this course to anyone with a beginners level of programming experience!

  7. Angel Rojas Pacheco

    Great course, some part of code is old, but the explanation is so clear, and part of code that is old, is totally fixed, when you are searching.

  8. Kipngeno Kirui

    This is an amazing course. It refreshed my knowledge on Python and introduced me in depth on Flash and SQLAlchemy.

  9. Pradeep Uppuluri

    Direct flask Course not explained and python was not cleared explained with no notes.

  10. Hendra Dwi Saputra

    Give detail about JWT in python flask and how to implement it for security. For SQLAlchemy much more to update because there is an error with the session and deprecated function.

  11. Taarik Siers

    I really like how well structured this course was. Having such detail course notes are a big plus too. Learned a lot about flask and some new things with Python too. Highly recommended.

  12. Chad Armstrong

    One of the best Udemy courses I’ve taken. Very informative, with good practical examples throughout. The only downside is the speed, to follow along video’s have to be paused frequently for testing and troubleshooting.

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