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Building an App with ASPNET Core and Angular

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A practical example of how to build an application with ASP.NET Core API and Angular from start to finish

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12 avis pour Building an App with ASPNET Core and Angular

  1. Luke Hirst

    Taught really well, I’ve learned a lot from learning a new stack and being new to SPA applications Neil has sold me on the idea.

    I will definitely be looking at his other courses he has to offer

  2. Rudy Supangat

    Very good course. The teacher is an expert in this field, always answers questions in timely manner and the sample app is versatile.

  3. Mihaela Mihai

    Thank you for all this experience! I like the most, the support that comes from Neil, during this course. (Q&A part is very helpful) Thank you, Nail!

  4. Adam Poplawski

    Great course with so many aspects covered as part of learning – thank you very much for in depth explanations of topics – so informative that I will be looking back here to improve / remind of certain aspects in the future.
    Thank You.
    Adam Poplawski

  5. Mohamed Fayeeg

    Simply superb | updated to the latest versions | precise | good clarity | suitable for Full stack developer focusing .NET backend and Angular front end. Exceeding the expectations !

  6. Viswanatha Swamy P K

    Neil Rocks !! Great Content and explanation. Neil, You are a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE for sure.

  7. Christopher Shim

    This was actually an excellent course. It was a bit boring and slow to start but once you really get into, you’ll learn a lot. Thank you!

  8. Guilder Milliner Whiteker

    He explains well.
    I wish that he would use Rider, but given that not most student is not likely to have access to it, I will not count it against him

  9. Fei Xu

    First of all, I am one of those course gatherers who bought so many Udemy courses and finished very few of them. Still, I have to say that Neil’s courses are hands-down the most helpful and practical ones that helped me find a job as a developer who has no qualifications or experience in programming before.
    I still need to turn back to this course and dive deep for knowledge updates, especially after having worked for half a year. And what shocked me most is that this Angular Dotnet course’s video content is almost a complete remake in December 2022 with Dotnet7.0 and Angular 14. Yet comparing another popular tutor claiming his Angular course is a “2023 Edition”, you can find most of the video content is still using Angular 7. I am deeply grateful for Neil’s humble and selfless personality and can’t imagine how much effort he has put to make this course up to date, sharing the latest technologies with us. Thank you so much Neil and all the best to you and your family.
    Last but now least, may all those students benefit from this course as much as I do. If you are still hesitating, please give it a go. It might be boring and difficult to start in the beginning, but once you get into it, there will be so much fun and knowledge. It is definitely worth every penny and minute you spent on it.

  10. Omar Elrifai

    The Instructor is going through the development of the application without getting into details about the ASPNET and Angular essentials it could be a good course for someone who is stuck in a aspnet , angular project and doesn’t care to understand both platforms very much rather than just finish the job

  11. Sachin Sharma

    First time I got something complete like this. Thank you very much, you have really done great job. I could not stop my self giving 5 star.

  12. Yeray Guzmán Padrón

    Best course I have done, Neil Cummings gives excelent support and feedback. Also his recaps on each section, gives you a clear understanding of what you have done!

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