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Building Websites: Beginner Web Developer Course

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Learn Web Development in 2023! Build apps, website, projects using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL & more!

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12 avis pour Building Websites: Beginner Web Developer Course

  1. Fahad Mushtaq Makhdoomi

    This was awesome! It took me a bit longer than expected but I became web developer using this course. The thing that you need to now before choosing this or any course is that you cannot depend on the course only the instructor does provide you other resources and you need to look into them and study on your own too.

    Many Thanks Sir!

  2. Brett Haverstock

    Awesome course, in-depth and covered all information I was looking to gain knowledge on. Look forward to taking more courses from Rob!

  3. John Almaguer

    A little outdated code but overall amazing projects and encourages you to use your critical thinking to debug and develop

  4. Andrew Lang

    Very clear instruction and good demos which assume no prior knowledge yet do not labour simple material excessively. A good balance which clips along at a good pace.

  5. Omer Hasanbegovic

    Many mistakes in new updated lessons – Web developer course 3.0
    Instructor is not focused what is resulting many errors and misleadings.
    I have feeling he did it reluctantly.

  6. Nalin Abeysinghe

    Course is going perfect Rob is doing a great job in teaching. He always let us learn by exploring things which I found as the most important think in this course.

  7. Divan Hanekom

    Rob and Codestars staff, thank you for a nice and taughtful experience. It was a journey and a half to learn, but I enjoyed every bit of it!

  8. Frederick Pletz

    It is a good overview of web development, but I would have preferred if the entire course was presented by a single instructor.

  9. Thomas Powell

    Overall it was good. Some sections had the instructor going a bit too quickly for me.

  10. Juandre Oosthuizen

    I started out with a basic knowledge of web designing and this course has allowed me to increase my skills. Thanks a lot to the creator/contributors.

  11. John Gage

    This course is great. I have always wanted to learn to code, and this course has really demystified the subject for me. Rob’s instructions are really clear and well paced.

  12. Roland Finke

    This course has given me the necessary knowledge to build my own business based on self-written software. My company offers a cloud solution for municipalities and counties and is commercially successful. I don’t know of any other course that teaches the necessary knowledge in such a compact and at the same time detailed and above all not boring way.

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