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C# Advanced Topics: Prepare for Technical Interviews

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Master the confusing C# constructs: Events, Delegates, Lambda Expressions, LINQ, Async/Await and more!

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12 avis pour C# Advanced Topics: Prepare for Technical Interviews


    I think that the explanations of the presented topics were not made clear enough, especially with Generics I had to read around a lot to understand what’s happening.

  2. Jozef Slaby

    The course was great. Mosh has knowledge and gift for clear explaining complex programming concepts.
    I wish he could give more and complex examples for all the topics he covers here. This course is just the beginning (but great and clear) for further study.

  3. Guy Pollack

    Good content and clear explanations, and the captions are much more accurate than the previous two courses in this series so the videos are much easier to follow!

  4. Andrei Pascalin


    You should review the quiz questions because sometimes the answers are the same but obviously one should be right and the other incorrect.
    Like the question about the lambda expression ( no. 5 ) in this advanced course

  5. Sambhav Aggarwal

    The concepts were explained really well. I have taken mosh’s courses before and it was great as expected. The only thing missing in this course are the exercises to practice the advance and complex topics.

  6. Simon Simphiwe Mkhize

    The course is very insightful it opens up your mind to what you need to know.

  7. Danielle Bussy

    I kind of prefer the previous beginner and intermediate courses where there are actual coding exercises to solidify the learning. It’s hard to take in all the content without practicing it.

  8. Nathaniel Tino

    Pretty disappointed with this course. I was expecting a bit of depth that just wasn’t there. A lot of stuff was skipped over. It covers maybe 5% of what you need to know about every topic.

  9. Emma Reichle

    All the Resharper talk makes the course feel a little dated since a lot of that functionality is now standard in VS. Otherwise, the course does a good job of explaining what can seem like daunting topics. I’ve been programming for a few years but still feel like I walked away with some value insights after hearing another person break down these concepts. I appreciate how approachable Mosh makes these topics. There were a couple of moments I wanted to delve a little deeper into some concepts but I can also appreciate the value of brevity in delivering this material.

  10. Yury K

    This is an excellent course. Although I watched mainly to learn English terminology, I did learn a few new things. The explanation was great too.

  11. Ankit Tarsolia

    I really nice course and its clear my concepts. so looking more from you to understand concept about other stuff like solid principles, other advanced .net concepts…
    Thank you so much.

  12. Jarryd Pinto

    Apart from a few issues with the multiple choice questionnaire (i.e: duplicate answers), this course is a good introduction to some of the more advanced features of C#.

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