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C# Basics Beginners Tutorial Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding

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Master C# fundamentals in 6 hours – The most popular course with 50,000+ students, packed with tips and exercises!

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12 avis pour C# Basics Beginners Tutorial Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding

  1. Developer C

    Very good intro course on the fundamental primitive and some non-primitive types, working with strings, etc… – very useful to someone new to programming as well.

  2. kuldeep rajpurohit

    Thank you, Mosh for this amazing course.

  3. Maxwell Morgan

    This course has been great! I started with this to learn how to use the REVIT API and stopped at arrays a couple years ago. I then enrolled in a college course and learned python and realized that I was so close to having the basics of C# done! Mosh is great and I have learned more from this course than I did in the Python course I took.

  4. Tyler culbreath

    This Course was absolutely amazing and I’m so excited to try out the second course, I have been coding for a couple of years mostly for game design but I could never find anything as resourceful as this course, it went through and explained a lot of topics in a way that’s easy and simple to understand and a lot of the issues I have during development were explained in this course and why it happens so I believe this course is a must have especially for game development because you can use more fundamental functions rather then just bool or if statements or floats, you learn why int, doubles and floats are important a lot of the stuff in this course I have been wanting to be able to use properly for quite a while and now I can so I highly recommend this course for un experienced coders and even experienced coders!

  5. Sardor

    Worth the money. His accent is much better than most instructors on udemy. He uses clear visuals to demonstrate course content. Short and sweet

  6. Saber Ahmadi

    Hello! I greatly enjoyed this course and learned so much and an amazing experience. Everything, including learning fight choreography and ‘earning our words’ was awesome! You do a great job and thank you for the quality of the class and materials. thanks

  7. Gaspard Meritus

    The course is amazing, the instructor explains very well, I highly recommend it

  8. Ahmed Amin

    I would like documents to be available with summary of content as the returning to videos every time is very time consuming, other than that the content is good and concise

  9. Chika Mba

    Great refresher course. I would recommend having more examples for each section for new beginners and walking through the exercises. Well done.

  10. Muhammet Talha Zengin

    It not one of the best udemy programming courses that i have, but it’s okey though. He does not say “do that i am waiting you, after do that i am waiting you … “. Instead he gives a exercise and says “do”.

  11. Rahul Kelkar

    It is a great Introductory course, I would advise students who are starting from scratch or who know bits and pieces of programming to pursue this course. For a complete beginner some things can be difficult , but yet they can learn on fly. Other than that I would like to see more resources for practice on each section so that students can strengthen their basics completely.

  12. Ravinder Kumar

    I Have learned but I have to explore Other lecture of C#., Because I want to be DOTNET DEVELOPER SO firstly i learned and trained In C# Then Trained in Asp.Net then Asp.Net MVC

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