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C++: From Beginner to Expert through 100+ Exercises and Activities

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Designed for people who don’t have any knowledge about the programming and want to program in C++

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12 avis pour C++: From Beginner to Expert through 100+ Exercises and Activities

  1. Jelani Johnson

    The instructor explains the material well, giving plenty of examples and going into great detail. He also provides many exercises to help you practice what he teaches you. I enjoyed this course very much and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn C++.

  2. Shuayeb Ahmed

    Clear, concise, and perfectly done. all the information required to become a good C++ programmer is there to be found in this course. If i had to say something, it would be nice if the course contained exercise sheets to put what we learned into practice at the end of every section as well as some notes containing more technical terms we would do well to memorise. Otherwise the course is comprehensive detailed and well explained thank you sincerely for this course :).

  3. Vijayakumar K

    Content is excellent and refreshing our already learnt C++. Resolution and contrast of the text is not good to watch on mobile devices.

  4. Natalie Ekmekdjian

    This was a good course. However, some concepts are not explained in details as they should be.

  5. Ricardo Bonilla

    Arkadiusz has a way of explaining complex subjects in simple ways. He has a friendly demeanor that helps ease the learning process.

  6. Vignesh A

    You could explain certain concepts more briefly and precisely

  7. Omer Saleem

    I have learned alot that I didnot knew back before this course, Still confused about pointers and its use,
    But its fault of C++ and not the person explaining it, It will require an intensive practice to learn C++ pointers. Which I ought to do in next days.

  8. Sheldon Chen

    It helped me quickly understand this language as whole piece, and able to read and understand a lot complicated C++ programs that I need to further work on, especially after I have already known how to use python and also learned C Sharp in similar way.

  9. Julian

    I have very novice and ‘hacky’ self taught coding experience in C# and python and I found that with that basic understanding of programming in general in combination with this course helped me accelerate my understanding of C++ to be able to write the code I need even (even if very slowly) but also able to understand advanced C++ scripts within UNREAL ENGINE in order to edit customize and communicate with lower level engine features. I highly recommend. It is clear and great for complete beginners too.

  10. Ajay Darji

    This guy is awesome its gets little complicated in middle but eventually its turns out as great…!!!

  11. Sandhiya

    Really useful course for beginners. Thank you very much

  12. Leila Sol Mattone

    It was a really complete course for beginers.

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