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C# Intermediate Programming: Classes, Interfaces and OOP

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An in-depth, step-by-step guide to classes, interfaces and object-oriented programming (OOP) with C#

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12 avis pour C# Intermediate Programming: Classes, Interfaces and OOP

  1. Ashour Abdal

    Very poor explanation espacially at the end of the course.. Hope to add more updated videos to these lectures…. thanks

  2. James Donald Ortiz

    i think it’s very good. I need to watch/rewatch and take notes/do examples to really learn these concepts. I feel like everything is easy until i have to do the examples… Then, my mind goes blank. The final solutions are always rather simple, so i’m trying not to overthink these problems.

  3. Alan Pérez Taylor

    The course is pretty good and with better explanations and examples than the beginners one. Only topic that could be improved is “Interfaces and Testability” because it is hard to understand.

  4. Jozef Slaby

    The Instructor has an ability to explain some of not-so-obvious concepts with the great clarity. The code examples are very good too.

  5. Érick Guedes

    The course is very well structured. As it is objective, it is easy to follow and use as a guide line to get a grasp on the language. Beyond that, it’s up to the developer. Wish the best to you all!

  6. Christian Aumiller

    Good Content, well presented, nice portions.

    Negative: frequently teasing topics, that are talked about in more depth later. Takes the Context a bit apart.
    Constant “reminder” of “Resharper”. Like a salespitch. Mosh seems to be very excited about it an it’s understandable. But for a beginner, it’s not usefull, when a lot is being handled bs the add-on and not done manually. Therefore some steps are difficult to follow. I personally find it a bit annoying, just how often he refers to Resharper and how great it is. It also is quite expensive and might not be the instant go-to solution for everyone.

  7. Emma Reichle

    I’m using this course to brush up and it’s great. My only note would be to talk less about ReSharper because it makes a paid class feel like an ad. Other than that, solid course with valuable insights. I also like that it doesn’t linger too long. He says the thing, gives an example, and moves on. Not only does the pace make it easy to engage with, but it also makes it easy to zero in on specific material if you want to go back and review something – you don’t have to spend a bunch of time finding it.

  8. Michael Paglione

    Very clear explanations, and great reference for design patterns and code style in C#! Some tutorials and instructors are very difficult to listen to, but that is not the case with Mosh. His personality shines through in his lectures and make them engaging and fun to listen to.

  9. Francisco Javier Ramírez López

    I like this course, because it contains information that I can use when I am thourth will make developments of software

  10. Edit Szűcsné Balogh

    No solutions to exercises, no quizzes, this makes this course a “watching course” instead of an “exercising course”.
    The explanation of solving problems on my own is not correct, because this format here is also not encouraging solving stuff, just makes comparison of solutions much worse by scraping Q&A and hoping to have a nice solution for comparison.
    Breaking the code in multiple files makes every explanation hard to follow.
    Pushing Resharper is really annoying.

  11. Jishnu Sundar

    Everything was amazing except the dive into interfaces. I think interface is a little tricky topic and anyone who is not knowledgeable about unit testing may find it difficult to digest it. The course could have explained a bit more about Unit Testing initially using small example based progressive approach instead of verbal explanation and then shown how Interfaces help achieve unit testing.

  12. Vitor Portella

    Really good course, the instructor teaches lots of OOP principles, functionalities and gives you a great understanding of how to structure your programs and your code in a OOP fashion. Maybe a little bit too short, but the quality of the content heavily compensates for it. The proposed exercises gives you a great opportunity to try all the concepts taught. Overall, it is very good.

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