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C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language

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C Programming will increase career options. Become a better dev in other languages by learning C. Pointers explained

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12 avis pour C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language

  1. Feridun Akyol

    Selection and order of topics in this course is top notch. You can not expect a single 25h-ish course to explain every single aspect of C programming. This course covers all the basics and the challanges are pretty fun. Do not hesitate to buy this course

  2. Daniela Sineiro

    For me, structures and pointers have been always the hardest part of c. In this course, I’ve learned more than I was expecting. The challenges and examples did help improve my learning process and the instructor taught well.

  3. faiz iliyas

    This possibly is one of the best courses on C i think may exist in udemy. Most things are covered in details.

    Few needed corrections:
    – More examples for rigorous practive in each sections
    – More coverage of each topic in each section (again with examples)
    – Visual C not explained better only CodeBlocks

    Good points
    – Detailed concept coverage
    – Basics get clear
    – Instructor is amazing and very responsive (from comments)
    – Really gets you moving and motivated. Though took me some months to complete.

  4. Martin Myrberg

    Why is it so hard to find people who can teach programming in a good and easy way? Jason is unfortunately no exception…inconsistent in his challenges (many times not following his own instructions when presenting solution proposals), copying and pasting code, slides with just lots of lines of text which makes it hard to follow along and also an incredibly annoying virus programs that keeps popping up. All challenges also come at the very end of each section…a suggestion is to place the challenges a little more continuously between each lesson so that you have the information fresh in your mind when you do them.
    For those of you who want to find value for money, check out Colt Steele’s courses here on Udemy! Unfortunately, he does not have a C course but many other languages. Jason, you should also check out his courses, and take note of his teaching skills! Thank you.

  5. Michael Barnes

    I think this a good foundational course. Jason gives thorough explanations and the background sections are a nice addition. There are many “challenge” sections which I think is an effective format.

    A criticism I have is the repeated references to pointers in sections prior to the section teaching about pointers, which is near the end. It is very frustrating for explanations to end with “this uses pointers, which you don’t know about yet.” This is especially true in the section about string functions; I skipped it and came back at the end. I think everything about pointers should be moved to a new section after the pointers section so that it can be introduced as “concepts you’ve seen before, but now with pointers.”

  6. Romel A Munoz Valencia

    I would have preferred a C programming Masterclass which combines this, and their advanced course. That said, this course does a decent job at teaching the basics of C.

    The structure of the videos is PowerPoint “Definition” slides followed by implementation of code. There are several coding challenges to help you hammer down what you learn. I would have preferred the ability to do these challenges on the udemy platform as is done with Bulchaka’s Java Masterclass, but the inclusion of exercises in most sections already goes a long way.

    I also would have prefer more progressively challenging exercises for the sections dealing with memory allocation and pointers as I believe these are some of the most important topics in the C language.

    All that said, this is a course worth completing. However, I can’t help but to feel a little cheated after coming from the massive course that is Java Masterclass.

  7. Daryn Smith

    Jason is obviously knowledgeable and covers a good breadth of topics for a beginner course. My only real complaint is that a few challenges get a bit too involved and sort of lose focus on the topic at hand.

  8. E Sss

    I’ve only learned a lil bit about pointer’s that’s all everything else I already knew about.

  9. Mutyala Satya Bhavani

    Yes. It is very useful course to me not only for me who wants to learn C course I recommended this to everyone. This is the best platform to learn. Thanks for your valuable and knowledgeable course.

  10. Joshua Keeler

    Great Course, I really enjoyed how thorough and well done the lessons are. I was able to really understand what is going on under the hood with C. My only criticism is setting up the IDE/Compiler process is a bit dated. Thanks for all your hard work making this course and I look forward to taking your advanced course!

  11. Dieter Mai

    * It’s like learning swimming from a power point presentation
    * the power points are also bad. I don’t understand how you could have unformatted code there
    The order of the topics is poorly chosen. Every chapter contains stuff you learn later

  12. Miguel Martínez Pilar

    I already knew most of the info. Good course if you don’t know anything about programming.

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