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Code with Ethereum & Solidity: The Complete Developer Guide

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Use Ethereum, Solidity, and Smart Contracts to build production-ready apps based on the blockchain

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12 avis pour Code with Ethereum & Solidity: The Complete Developer Guide

  1. Kevin Acevedo

    Amazing experience from the very beginning. All foundations of Ethereum, Solidity and even React JS are covered by this course. Much better than what I expected! Money well spent for sure!

  2. Epameinondas Theodoropoulos

    The instructor gave very good explanations. The problem is that many videos are outdated and have some error. The Q&A section address them but i believe the instructor should record again these videos with the new knowledge.

    I liked it a lot and it has a very good Ethereum introduction, but I wanted to dive in more in the Ethereum and solidity ecosystem.

  3. Martin Flisar

    It’s good course to start with Solidity. Stephen is a good teacher, he explains everything but I doubt that he is a serious programmer since he has very poor naming, ordering, stylistic and organisational conventions.

  4. Dragon Ling

    Overall Great Course! I just wish it was updated a little more frequently due to all the changes recently being made with the Atom Launcher sunsetting. As well as big differences between the solidity compiler used in the lesson’s vs the most updated.

  5. Ajagbe Yusuf Babatunde

    Just starting and it seeming nice, can’t say too much just yet as i have seen comment where people complain about some of the tool used are outdated or so but then it’s a long way to go for me so i won’t judge anything just yet. After finishing it half way now i am confess this is totally valuable i mean the step by step guidance and error analysis is just awesome. I already bought your course on React-Redux and React-Typescript because if there is anything i crave for right is to be as good as you are in this programming thing , I love you Stephen Grider.

  6. 梶原保


  7. Ruslan Popov

    Amazing course, at the end a little bit fast, but if you read it once again slowly at the end it will make sense 🙂

  8. Andres Herrera

    The content is very good, and the teacher really explains all in detail. However, it seems the support part of the course is dead. Since this course is from 2016 and although they have made good efforts in keeping the course up-to-date, there are still parts that break, and when you use the ‘Ask a question’ section, no one replies, leaving you alone whenever you face an issue.

  9. Mark Christian Tan

    I’ve learned a lot from the course! Stephen really did a great job at explaining all the concepts needed to learn. Also the course materials were up-to-date.

  10. Lincoln Lemos

    Tive muita dificuldade para elaborar algumas tarefas das aulas, pois os programas estão em versões muito desatualizadas.

  11. Akintola Lukman

    Great way of teaching.will gladly recommend to any willing learner…much thanks to every member.

  12. Antonio Carlos Garcia Junior

    In fact the course is very rich in information besides Ethereum. It utilizes an exemple of web3 web3 app development with a high degree of complexity. They could use simpler web3 examples to teach more about applications with Ethereum.

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