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Coding Interview Bootcamp Algorithms, Data Structures Course

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Ace your next Javascript coding interview by mastering data structures and algorithms.

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12 avis pour Coding Interview Bootcamp Algorithms, Data Structures Course

  1. Gheorghe Slicari

    In general is good but something is missing I am telling about only me , I mean its hard to say but , Maybe need more practice , and by the way , we all need more practice

  2. Vijay Chachadi

    This course covers the most commonly asked interview questions and it’s solutions clearly, Thank you so much Stephen Grider!, I highly recommend the course for those who preparing for interview preparation and those enthusiastic to learn.

  3. Sidharth sharma

    This course is perfect for me to prepare for my interviews and I liked most the way of teaching with the help of examples. Especially the way of teaching of Stephen Grider was amazing. He is a fabulous teacher.

  4. Dmitry Kornev

    Amazing course with plenty of real-world challenges from interviews. I’ve seen all of them before and it is good to see how different the same problem could be solved. Also, I’d suggest testing performance using a “production” solution using JS language construction vs implementing on your own.

  5. Matt Jones

    Great instruction, but the real strength is the github repository of exercises with built-in testing. I recommend this for those of us without formal CS backgrounds.

  6. Effy

    I did this course twice. It doesn’t cover everything but it’s a good start point to know popular interview questions. And get an idea how to answer them.

  7. Benjamin L van t Wout

    Very good teacher, great quality (both audio, video and teachings), and great voice as well. I combined this course with making my own flashcards in Anki and repeating everything daily. Definitely recommended.

  8. Rachel Moon

    Stephen is very good teacher! The course was very understandable and intuitive even though i was beginner in algorithms. I skipped many test but i able to solve multiple algorithms problems after finished this course! Thanks a lot. I hope see you a lot in Udemy.

  9. Mohammed Kaleemullah

    Far worse than free tutorials available on Youtube. Complete rip off

  10. Misael Gomez Encinas

    This is an amazing course to pass any kind of interview because you understand the logic of a great number of concepts

  11. E ONeill

    This is an excellent course! I have tried to learn many of these concepts on my own, but in my opinion, nobody can explain things better than Stephen Grider. I finally understand things that I couldn’t figure out on my own and found that I misunderstood some things I thought I’d learned well. I feel MUCH more confident going into an interview than I did before I took this course.

  12. Ricardo Flores Jimenez

    It’s an excellent course. Stephen is a great teacher. I highly recommend taking the course.

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