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Complete C# Masterclass: Learn WPF, Databases, LINQ, Unity & More!

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Learn C# Programming – WPF, Databases, Linq, Collections, Game Development with Unity. More than just the C# basics!

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12 avis pour Complete C# Masterclass: Learn WPF, Databases, LINQ, Unity & More!

  1. Maan AL Shraky

    thanks for the efforts you made.
    but to be honest, the course is just a demonstration of functions and instructor skills. Exclude the WFP zoo the course is far from real life.
    all the above before we tart chapters 16 & 17 . those two chapters are very very poor and fast and I guess if you watch them from the audience’s respective you will agree with me.
    Finally, your plunging for more than 4 hours is irrelevant to the main purpose of this course, it’s simply like marketing to the UNITY course.
    Please accept my apologies if I was harsh in my review but this is what I got from the course

  2. Fiza

    The whole course is designed well. I really appreciate your efforts sir. The thing which I find could be improve is that when we are moving ahead from beginner to advance topics of making the game there, I find somewhat difficulty in connecting the concept, but I understand that it’s not easy to put all the things in 37 hours course. All over very good and well-structured course,

  3. Michael Barnes

    I thought this was an excellent course, it has a good breadth of topics and examples, and the sections about Unity are a great bonus. Denis is an engaging instructor, although his explanations can get a bit stream-of-consciousness. One topic I wish was covered is Attributes, especially [Serializable].

  4. Petr Podesva

    TLDR; First 1/3 of course good, 2/3 waste of your time.

    This course is for beginners to show them basics and then show them that advanced topics exist. Nothing more. Definitely can’t be called masterclass. I went thru 3/4 of course and have no motivation to finish it. It teaches nothing.

    Basic part looks good. It was interesting and well made. But when things get harder, quality drops down to the bottom.

    Advanced topics, WPF etc. just touch the surface and are explained very quickly and very confusing way. No theory or explanation. Just type code and talk about it. Don’t expect that you understand any advanced topic after lessons even when you already met them before.

    These topics are very complex and 10 minute videos can’t teach you them.

  5. Oran Leber

    very clear and charismatic way of speaking and tone, very good and appealing beginning to the course

  6. Shaverin

    The beginning of the course is great. You get to know the basics and Dennis (the instructor) explains everything very clearly. I can recommend it, if you want to learn the very basics. Exercices are nice, some can be a little bit challenging, but sometimes the explanation of what we are supposed to do is so terribly written, or so vague it’s hard to understand. Fortunatelly there are usually some nice people in the comments explaining what we were supposed to do.

    But unfortunatelly everything gets worse as we move on. Somewhere around Section 8 and 9, or maybe even earlier, the course gets really bad. If you are a complete beginner, moving past that point will be a waste of time. The lecturer simply stops explaining most of the stuff, instead of learing, you simply re-write everything he does. It seems very rushed and hectic at times, as if they wanted to finish it as qucikly as possible and move on.

    And here is why it’s only 2 stars. When people ask questions in the Q&A section of the last lectures, very often the answers are simply links to Microsoft documentation, stackoverflow topics (sometimes even unrelated to the question), or there are no answers at all.
    I understand that you should and you have to use Microsoft docs, but paying for a course, just to be told to go ahead and read documentation if you want to know what we just did/used in the program, is ridicilous.

    Oh, and quite often there is no source material, so you have to count on other helpful people in the comments, if you want to compare the code.

    I cannot say anything about Unity part of the course, as I just gave up after the last chapters of C#.

  7. Jules BOBEUF

    As an IT Student in second year, this course was really enjoyable to watch. It helped me to improve my basic coding and to explore areas before I did it with uni. It also allowed me to learn things which I would not learn at uni and that’s awesome. I would for sure recommend this to anyone that’s willing to learn C#.

  8. Kacper Kwiatkowski

    Great course, although some of the unity parts are little outdated, it would be good if some update would be provided for that as I spent some time finding answers on my own.

  9. Selvakrishnan Selvan

    I have been looking to make an entry into IT field as i have been in Industrial Automation field for a quite a long time. I have went through a lot of options to get upskilled and that’s how I came across this course and I am completely satisfied with my choice.

  10. Daniel Bresnahan

    Its an excellent course but over the duration of the course I felt as if the explanation were lacking with each new video I watched… First noticeable with how quickly he starts moving through the more advanced sectiones

  11. Simon

    This course has taught me everything I wanted to learn about C# and a lot more than expected. The videos are easy to follow and if you get stuck you can pause to google for an answer.

    I purchased this course to increase my knowledge after switching from a front end role to a software dev role. The most eye opening parts were using XAML to build browser examples, currency converters and how to request data from API’s, something I need to understand going forward.

    Creating a fruit ninja clone for my phone was icing on the cake.

  12. Liren Zhang

    This tutorial is a real MASTERCLASS, it helps me a lot. I have learnt many new skills from this tutorial.

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