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Complete Java Software Developer Masterclass (for Java 10)

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Learn Java In This Course And Become a Computer Programmer. Obtain valuable Core Java Skills And Java Certification

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12 avis pour Complete Java Software Developer Masterclass (for Java 10)

  1. Ken Masters

    This course is very good in learning Java core concepts. I would highly recommend this course for anyone if they want to start their journey for learning Java.
    A suggestion for improving the course’s content: Jim and his assistants are doing a lot of work to remaster the course for update. From my experience when progressing this course. About first half of the course is up to date, the next quarter seems a bit outdated but we can still learning with a bit of research, and the last quarter of the course might be difficult to follow as the content is no longer up to date with Java 11 or Java 17.
    Overall, this is a good course as I learned a lot of things about Java.
    Thanks Tim and his assistants for their great work.

  2. Eder Nonato Fernandes

    Despite the fact that Java is a little bit complicated to learn and understand, I think this course was very good, the teacher has a vast knowledge and experience about it, every lecture is very informative with a lot of examples. Sometimes it feels it is too much information to take, so I will probably take this course again in the future.

  3. Narendra

    well it’s good course if gets updated wholly to java 17 as present specially the java fx section which will definitely give a harder time configuring code setting things up, I feel solutions to problems occuring while coding can be much much better by teaching assistants which is not that good presently, Tim sir teaches nice you will understand code , Ofcourse some lectures are required to get used to language , also programming exercises are very good ,sometimes google searching will be required to solve some which will be fun .Stars are only for teaching

  4. Vishal Vinay Tallapragada

    Great Course to get to know about java and the course is completely focused on the industry level. It would me more easier to understand if you have a good knowledge of other programming language. Javafx section is difficult to understand for me.

  5. Stanight

    Get Yourself a teacher, and don’t waste Your time.

    Believe me.

    Advertising it as from zero to computer programmer is a joke.

  6. Jorge Enrique Hernandez Guinto

    Excelente curso.
    Totalmente completo, claridad en la exposición y una gran cantidad de ejemplos.
    Adicionalmente siempre se encontraban soluciones a los problemas en los comentarios.
    Es fácil de llevar y no hay ningún momento en el que te sientas atorado.

  7. Khushi Jain

    The course was amazing except the fact that some sections are too complex which could’ve been taught in an easier way. That’s okay but I will have to revisit those sections from time to time. Also the instructor has really vast knowledge of all the topics he taught.

  8. James Fox

    Lectures can be very verbose and confusing (even to someone who has been programming for a while). Whilst some of the early content is good, more complex principles I feel aren’t clearly explained. Instead, Tim uses convoluted and pretty contrived examples that sometimes miss the important points. the newly added lectures are an attempt to rectify this, but to me seem very monotonous where everything that is written is spelled out… even the semi-colons. All in all, for a beginner, the first few chapters are very useful but the more complex chapters will definitely require other resources than just this course.

  9. Mohamed sherif

    The old content needs to be remastered as soon as possible and Tim should work on Real Time Projects to help the students to deploy their knowledge they gained, and there should be new more Teacher Assistant not only one. A lot of topics are not covered and Tim depends that the students should read the documentation instead of teaching these topics.

  10. Murat Duman

    He is the best teacher but 101 hours of course!!!

  11. Daniil Fedosenko

    Great course that helped me sort out the basics of programming from scratch!

  12. Richard Clark

    Tim’s enthuasiam for coding comes through in his teaching, and his method of building knowledge through-out the course, helps the student with learning and understanding concepts. The course has a lot of information and took me around 6 months to work through. However in my profession I have noted vast improvements in my coding. This ranges from simpler solutions, to implementing enhancements to existing code, this is thanks to Tim’s course. This course will serve you long after you have completed it, and it looks like Tim continues to work to improve and add to the content. Tim is a master of his craft. I have done other Java courses and none have stuck with me as well as the information provided here.

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