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Complete Python Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery

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How to become a Python 3 Developer and get hired! Build 12+ projects, learn Web Development, Machine Learning + more!

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12 avis pour Complete Python Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery

  1. Kshitij Nishant

    It’s an excellent course for beginners and gives us an idea about all the different kind of real world applications python has along with the basics of coding.
    The only drawback is that the twitter app is going to be outdated and needs update from the instructor. And it would have been nice if tensorflow’s relation to CUDA could be explained in the course.

  2. Harry A

    When it comes to Sections 1-16, I would rate and appreciate this course with more than 5 stars. Not just codes and explanations, Andrei (please let me call his first name with respect) constantly explains from basic concepts and higher fundamentals, moreover, introduces a lot of useful and helpful tools and websites which are never mentioned in books.
    But the second half of the course (after Section 18), applying libraries for various purposes, I would have to say, was almost like a quick tour and shallower than I had expected. I understand that it is important to look up and read official documentations, but that is the hardest point for me because I do not know at the beginning what else each library can do. Maybe the second half of the course could be split into other courses.

  3. Disha Subhedar

    I thankful to Andrei instructor for wonderful training on python basics.
    I would love to see zero to mastery course on Java programming language.

  4. Namitha K S

    The course is well structured. I really enjoyed the basics to advanced python section. Andrei breaks down the complex concepts too easily. The last sections where Andrei teaches about different fields to put to use python knowledge was interesting.

    At the end of the course I picked my interest in Machine Learning + Data Science.
    I want to become an expert in this field.

    After this course I enrolled for ML bootcamp from Andrei and Daniel.
    Thank you Andrei, I hope you come up with more courses on advanced topics in ML+ Data Science.

  5. Bidjai Gobiend

    Andrei is a genius who changed my whole life in respect to become a lifelong learner. He knows how to teach complex concepts in a very easy way. Definitely a recommended instructor.

  6. Vikashini Senthilkumar


    TQ, REGARDS PeaceCoder.

  7. Maciej

    I have tried a few Python courses on Udemy but this one gave me a lot of fun! The instructor speech and voice is very clear and easy to understand especially for non native english speakers like me. I really like the way of potential python career paths. Even though we just scratched the surface, the interesting projects are vaccinating curiosity in areas such as Machine Learning, Testing, Web Scraping and Web development. The only project I missed here was an DevOps example but anyway it’s well deserved 5 stars course!

  8. Raja Haseeb

    This course overall is a real good introductory course for people who want to get familiar with programming and specifically python. The course teaches all the important python concepts and gives a very good overview of different python applications and use cases. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is new to programming. This is not advanced course, so if you are already familiar with programming ,it might be easy for you. However, it is still a good revision of programming and python (which was the case for me). Andrei is a great instructor, and you will for sure enjoy his teaching style. I am even gonna take more of his courses. High recommended!

  9. Emily Tan

    It was a good course overall and Andrei was very clear in what he teach. It did open me up to Web Development, Scripting and Scrapping of Data with Python but was a bit overwhelming for me. Anyway glad that I completed the course within the timeline I gave to myself.


    actually its my pleasure for learning in ZTM with andrei neagoie. i learned lot with his guidance.

  11. Trueeric Uen


    Thank you for your caefully teaching. This course helps me a lot, it gives me the confidence to use python to solve the problems I am facing.

  12. Gargi Viraj Vadalia

    Personally, this course is too good for me. I believe that if individuals who want to learn python language deeply than this course is great platform. Moreover, He describes all the possibilities of work fields of python developer in this course also mention basic idea about all the streams so we can easily decided where our interest are.

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