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Complete React Developer in 2023 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL)

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Updated! Become a Senior React Developer. Build a massive E-commerce app with Redux, Hooks, GraphQL, Stripe, Firebase

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12 avis pour Complete React Developer in 2023 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL)

  1. Prasenjit Sutradhar

    Very detailed & well-explained. The instructor also emphasizes the internal workings of React as well as the rendering cycle, which’s not usually found in all courses.

  2. Steven Xavier Guzman Maldonado

    Amazing course, I learned a lot and the best of all is that it is updated. I would have liked the redux section to have been done with the new version of the redux toolkit. Honestly, this course exceeded my expectations.

  3. Attila Kis-Ivan

    Excellent course. I felt the redux part(thunk, saga…) confusing and sometimes in hurry/not well driven but overall this is a great course. Highly recommended.

  4. Tomas

    The course was really good. I liked it. A few things why it’s only 4 stars.
    Redux sections were really confusing at the end; they should be more profound and concepts could be explained more easily with examples.
    Section 28 should be removed because it’s old. Jihua does the same thing in Section 30 last 2 videos with updated code. So clearly 28 should be removed and the last two videos from section 30 should be extracted from PWA to separate the styles section.
    Very disappointed that the Testing section was not updated with the latest master project. I think Jihua should create videos and write tests for the current cwrn-clothing project. This would add a lot of value.
    Last thing. I didn’t ask any questions in Q&A section, but I like taking a look at it. Your teaching assistant Dan is… I really hope Andrea and Jihua one day will read his answers and his communication in Q&A sections. It’s not my first course in udemy, but never seen such an inability to help other students and communication from a teaching assistant.

  5. Kristof Kruller

    I share the opinion with the others about the testing part was a bit “strange” – maybe it should be a separated course, but this course is still very valuable and well made, really builds up the things and ZTM even updates it if a new feature comes out.
    I can not give a rate under 5 stars 🙂 Thank you

  6. Martin Mammana

    Great course, both instructors are great explaining what they know. The course teaches the basics, intermediate and hard content that react has to offer. it also cover typescript. and the appendix section is great for information that might not know.

  7. Jonathan B Iurman

    It`s a very complete course, and ambitious one. BUT, not for beginners thats for his eagerness to cover many complex topics, it ended up by getting confuse.
    It starts well..explaining the React basis and then, in the crwn-clothing projects, starts to getting harsh..There are some sections that are very difficult to follow..such as the FIREBASE and REDUX , you have to go over them over and over again and I found myself just copying the instructor code with not a really understanding of what was going on.

  8. Maxime Lardenois

    A course that want to do too much maybe?
    All the React stuff is good, the Redux part is ok except for the fact that it is somewhat stale (it should at least cite Redux toolkit!). The typescript part goes into too much details in my opinion but that’s ok.
    The other things are not necessary (Gatsby…) or sloppy (the testing part not focused on the capstone project and with a deprecated library, Enzyme)
    I very much liked the fact that we make a “real app” with a Firebase backend which is I think a good choice in this case

  9. Amit Baderia

    Redux, The most difficult topic of the course, explained very badly. I’ve seen other courses also, and they all took sufficient time to explain it.

  10. Girish

    It is one of the course I finished and learnt a lot. It improves you in all aspects of learning react. This can be re-reviewed / re-visited when necessary to rewind your skill. great work !!

  11. Leslie Carolina Lopez Anaya

    Amazing course! I learned so much about React and even though I was a bit confused on a few parts like the redux for thunk and saga, overall this course was very well explained, and the instructor did a fantastic job.

  12. Dajan Brackovic

    So much information in a single course, I am amazed by the skills of these instructors.

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