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Data Science and Machine Learning Curriculum Bootcamp with R

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Learn how to use the R programming language for data science and machine learning and data visualization!

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12 avis pour Data Science and Machine Learning Curriculum Bootcamp with R

  1. Sean Denroche

    Really enjoyed the course and notes. I found the projects very useful. The only issue I had was with the natural language processing network, I was unable to follow along as the Twitter developer codes seem to have changed. Perhaps that lecture needs to be updated.

  2. Apoorv Dhyani

    Great course and a great instructor. The only flaw I would like to point is that the ML aspect could have been broader various algorithm like Naive bayes, Herichical clustering etc are not touched.
    Otherwise, no complaints.

  3. Marcus Pipe

    Excellent course. Very clear progression through R so that I’m picking up the principles and syntax at a pace I can manage. I’m really enjoying it!

  4. Michael Millett

    Really great content & clear explanations. Jose is easy to understand & follow through the examples. I would’ve preferred more emphasis on using the tidyverse in the manipulation, but other than that preference everything else is solid.


    Jose Portilla is great, I enjoy this R course alot.
    Thank you, teacher

  6. Ken Mar

    I am baffled by the high ratings for this instructor. The lectures are well organized but the instructor is lazy about explaining the concepts and material, especially in the machine learning portion. Early in the ML portion you are told to read the textbook “An Introduction to-Statistical Learning” which itself tells you that the prerequisite to the book is having taken a statistics class.
    Instead, I recommend learning ML from the free you tube channel StatQuest with Josh Starmer. It is so much better learning from someone who is a natural at teaching, versus someone who is a well-organized techie.

  7. Joshua Hoodin

    Awesome class. Got me up and running with R really fast. The class is enjoyable and informative.

  8. Xue Xia

    Clearly explained and easy to follow

  9. Seetha Rama Raju Mudunooru

    This course is overall good but it can be improved further. It comes with an assumption that the learner already has some background in Data Science. Please also explain the data science part more instead of asking the learner to go through some references

  10. Paola Gómez Aguado Rule

    I think it is a great boot camp with all the information necessary to start to understand data science and machine learning.
    However, in the Natural Processing Language, the process to gain a Twitter development account has changed and it takes a while to gain that access. So I think a note should be added at the beginning of the course to request your development account, so maybe you will have the account when you get to that lecture. Also, sometimes the projects don´t match the easy examples reviewed in the lecture.

  11. Ha-shem Dev

    It has been very informative, captures all the resources i have been searching for a long time .


  12. Andrew Sherwin

    Excellent course, explained well with many amazing examples. Jose Portilla is a phenomenal teacher and I highly recommend any course he teaches.

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