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Data Science: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python

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Applications: decrypting ciphers, spam detection, sentiment analysis, article spinners, and latent semantic analysis.

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12 avis pour Data Science: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python

  1. Levin Magruder

    This is good material, two important notes:

    Audience: it does involve work and research/supplemental outside of the lectures if you haven’t taken college level probability. And you’ll need to have or develop comfort with running python and understanding lists and dictionaries, that isn’t something the course is going to walk you thru. There is no quick fix for either of those prerequisites, both involve a lot of study & practice.

    Consumer issue: I think you should buy version 2 of this course which looks to be expanded and less expensive. I bought this is Dec 2021. Lazy Programmer Team, can you explain if some people should prefer this class to ? Should this class be retired?

  2. Kyle Kaya

    Instructor pace wasn’t good, and also was his choice of language. Doesn’t have good transition between topics.

  3. Breno Ingwersen Santos

    The course is a little too basic with simple examples. Most of them aren’t that applicable in real life. Still the section on LSA was really well simplified which made the understanding easier. The instructor mentions another course “Unsupervised Deep Learning” in which he goes deeper into more advanced topics. It might be a complement to this course.

  4. Anil Phulpagar

    its good knowledge of NLP appliations!!

  5. Agnese Camellini

    I don’t find opportunities to apply what you’ve though me cause i Italy there is great need of generalist developers but not of specialized one like natural language processing engineers. It’s not your fault! Why do you ask such question? It doesn’t have anything to do with you and your teaching.

  6. Pranab Kumar

    Wonderful course! Everything was covered and explained precisely. I found most of the time I was able to solve problems by my own. Challenging parts made the course more practice oriented. Built a lot of projects which were very helpful in learning. If you are here to learn the basics of NLP this course is a good one.

  7. Vatsal Sinha

    This course is a very good start for a new person getting into NLP, as this course teaches all the basics and also shows 3-4 hands on projects being built from scratch, thus it will build your confidence and motivate you into getting into advanced stuff of NLP.
    You must take the Advanced NLP Course otherwise you will leave on all the usable practical concepts and models which are in use in today’s world.

    The best thing about this course is that it is a small course and if you have any basic knowledge about ML then you can finish this course in 2 days and move on to the next for building projects and reaching your goal with a greater confidence.

    Overall, it is a nice and simple course which breaks your insecurities toward NLP bsaics.

  8. Anjan Rao

    Yes I have really enjoyed the course. It was very wonderful experience learning the NLP course. Lazy Programmer’s intuitive teaching method was so good that made me able to grasp the concepts even though as a beginner to NLP.

  9. Sumon Samanta

    Should involve more theory.

  10. Juan Seco

    Quite a good course, recommended with no doubt at all. The only disadvantage is that for someone who is a beginner like me, it may be a bit difficult to learn some mathematical prerequisites. Nevertheless the course is useful even without mathematical knowledge.

  11. Ardra Mohan

    Through my personal experience in Udemy, I have learned more about the NLP and machine learning… and also in this video there was a point to point explanation of each concept by lecture. It was a great and valuable experience personally from my side!

  12. Muhammad Zubair

    Good start, and keep me motivated about learning this course; keep it up!

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