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Data Science Statistics for Data Scientists and Business Analysis

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Statistics you need in the office: Descriptive & Inferential statistics, Hypothesis testing, Regression analysis

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12 avis pour Data Science Statistics for Data Scientists and Business Analysis

  1. Yashasvi Verma

    The audio is not at all good. coming going. keep on. even I tried to log in again. still nothing. No problem with my speakers or internet connectivity. still!

  2. Satyam Kumar

    Personally, found this course a bit overrated. Definitely not aimed for beginners. Can serve as a refresher if you have gone through undergraduate statistics and just need to go through the topics once.
    If you are someone like me, who prefers to know how a formula has been derived, you will be disappointed as there is almost no mathematical explanation in the course.


    Thank you so much ..

    I am really happy that my luck led me to this course ..

    I have already built a new knowledge from the fifth section .. and I am sure there is more..

    Thankful to every one participated in creating the course..

  4. Philipp Mayr

    Tue Courage is amazing and dies everything my Prof should have done but failed to do. How ever I take notes and screenshots are extremely useful for those Udemyˋs digital restrictions Management does nothing to prevent that it just makes it painful to do. The slides on the video differ from the notes provided.

  5. Souhaib

    A well-prepared course for practical statistics, A must for whoever wants to learn stats from scratch, or review pre-existing knowledge.

  6. Juanma Varo

    The course is quite deep and tough, but this is something I was looking for. You need to put effort if you want to get the most out of it. In addition, there is a lot of quality and clarity in the explanations and examples.

  7. Jakub Osiecki

    This course has very clear and entertaining presentations and animations. It tries to explain complicated things in a simple way, and succeeds in most cases. The last 5 sections on regression analysis were the most difficult. They lacked the practical exercises that were included in the previous sections. Nevertheless, they provide valuable practical knowledge about regression analysis. After the course, I may not profficient in regression analysis, but I am more aware of what statistics can give me and how many mistakes can be made in statistical assumptions and calculations.

  8. Cassandra Scarlett

    This course included a lot of really great information with easy to understand examples. Was very helpful in developing my knowledge of statistics

  9. Dirk Hartog

    I wish there were more projects and assignments both guided and independent (with seperate provided solutions). The course was very engaging and useful.

    Thank you!

  10. Gustavo izcoatl Herrera romero

    This great course teaches you a lot of statistical techniques with which you can perform real-life statistical analysis to real data. There is a great real-life example at the end of the course, for which, in order to understand it, you must have taken and understood every previous lesson and you must also have done all the exercises and quizzes, but it’s really worth the effort. I think you come out of this course ready to perform statistical analysis and inferences at work. Thanks a lot for the great course!!

  11. Александр Кубанов

    Got all needed information with excel templates. Some infornation in the end was confusing, so I had to surf the internet for additional information

  12. Surinder Singh

    I love the way of teaching ! Surly this course will achieve my expectation level. Thanks a lot

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