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Data Science Training Course: Data Scientist Bootcamp

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Complete Data Science Training: Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, Machine & Deep Learning

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12 avis pour Data Science Training Course: Data Scientist Bootcamp

  1. Roger Jones

    I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed this course, I had high hopes going into it.

    I found that the exercises to be the most frustrating. They aren’t being updated and every time you run into a problem you find yourself wasting time attempting to find if others have encountered the same problem and if so what was the solution. Many of the exercises are really just a cut and paste of what was covered in the course so I didn’t feel I was leaning all that much.

    As for the quizzes some seem to be a play on world so you need to read them very carefully. I recall in one many students pointed out that there was more than one possible answer – talk about abiguity!

    At times I found that the instructors weren’t doing a very good job at explaining the material and found myself either ready articles online or watching Youtube videos to help bridge the gap.

    Towards the end, I sort of lost interest and was just going through the motions to push through the remainder.


    ?This program is excellent but before starting this course you need to learn python libraries in detail (In terms of data analysis) like Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Sklearn, and Tensorflow. This gives you a better edge to learn this program. Without knowledge of these Libraries, you struggle a little bit during the course.

  3. Grace A. Olugbuyi

    This was an amazing course. Detailed and very comprehensive. I’m a Civil Engineer who found an interest in Tech. And this course is really a stepping stone into going into Tech for me. I’m glad I enrolled for this course and I’m grateful for the knowledge obtained here. A big thank you to the instructors and good luck to all the students who enrolled for this course. It is totally worth it.

  4. Emmanouil OIkonomou

    If there was a Pandas and Numpy tutorial, i would rate this course with 5 stars. These packages are essential components of a really good machine learning python course. Since 4 means “Good, what i expected”, i think 3.5 stars is the most suitable rating.

    An update: Because of the mean star rating in udemy, probably this course has one of the best all around Machine Learning content. Yes it misses a lot of concepts, but it still gives a lot. So, i’m increasing my rating to 4.5 stars.

  5. Lee Jun Yan

    It is so clear and the course subjects are well design. I haven’t finish it, but I can say this course is good so far. It is a very good start for me. WELL DONE TEAM!!! and Thanks for your Efforts

  6. Rohan Aggarwal

    “I am thrilled to have completed this data science course! Not only have I gained a solid understanding of important concepts such as data exploration, visualization, and modeling, but I also have a newfound appreciation for the power of data in decision making. I look forward to applying my new skills to real-world problems and continue to learn and grow as a data scientist.”

  7. Rita Cunha

    This course helped me to better understand python language regarding business interpretation and statistics! Thanks a lot!

  8. Aleksi Kvitatiani

    Great course in terms of getting your mind around data science, if you are complete beginner. Though, you will get lost easily with course’s math unless you have some background in it. Covers full range of topics to get you started in data career however tools and lectures need to be updated(as of 2023). Overall, since I only paid 16$ for the course its a decent value for money. I just finished the course so let’s see how it’s going to help me in my career. Anyways, great job creators and thanks.

  9. Alessandro Vesprini

    This course taught me the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Neural Networks, carrying me by hand.

    Each lesson and each exercise is well structured and explained clearly.

    365 Careers and 365 Careers Team always answer any question one might have.

    If I have to be really critical, I would say that the only shortcoming is that the topics covered are huge, and sometimes it is possible not to find correspondence between the lectures and the exercises. However, a quick look at the comment section helps clarify every doubt.

    I totally recommend this course to those who want to study Data Science.

  10. Daniel Harris

    This course has been amazing for building my foundation with data science. The math, programming, and theoretical explanations have been so helpful in my progress.

  11. Amit Kathuria

    Very well-explained. Examples included in the course content are informative. Overall Good Learning Experience!

  12. Kevin Thornton

    Excellent experience and a great depth of knowledge in this course. Looking forward to seeing more content in the future from this team.

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