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Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks

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Learn to create Deep Learning Algorithms in Python from two Machine Learning & Data Science experts. Templates included.

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12 avis pour Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks

  1. Terese Michael Chen

    This course was totally amazing! It steered me in the right direction and delivered exactly what I need to get started in the field of deep learning.

  2. Pedro Santa Rita

    The course got me into data science! It is a very good course, some lectures are repetitive and feel slow at at times but I do understand that some concepts are quite hard, the team do a excellent work at explaining these though.

  3. Don Orr

    You made Deep Learning easy to approach, presented in a friendly and encouraging way, gave plenty of supporting resources, and even taught subtleties of Python along the way. Much appreciated!

  4. Laxmi Sharma

    Great course for people who want to learn Deep Learning from basics. I liked how every lines of code is explained while coding. It also helped me to build my portfolio by using the real life mini projects to explain every topics in the course. Bravo to the tutors !! Thank you !!

  5. Juan Felipe Rivera

    Great course overall, its doesn’t inmerse deep into the concepts or the mathemathics of every section, however it provides a great introduction and starting point of view to learn about deep learning through the 6 different models, with each having a theoretical part and an applicable model which, although simple, can be very useful for upscaling the model

  6. Fu Long Wang

    Excellent!!! Awesome course materials for the beginners and go to advanced level. loving this step by step style! All the practice materials can help you get better hands-on experience. The instructor is highly knowledgeable about this topic. Highly recommend taking this course if you want a deep dive to DL…Thank you Kirill, Hadelin and the team!!!

  7. Motsim Mansoor

    I love the intuition parts. Very informative and speed is just perfect. Practical Parts are equally very good but are a bit outdated. It would be better to recreate with latest libraries and new code. Overall I enjoyed it. Highly recommend this


    ..He also mentioned some additional papers to deep dive, that’s very helpful to understand better.
    (Edited 3 times–At 1st I gave 2.5, then 3.5, and Finally 5 of 5.)

  9. Lucian Hanga

    Great course in Deep Learning.
    Very good and clear explanations and the hands-on courses give you a good kickstart into the building of ANNs & Co.

  10. Kamal J Vashist

    It is nice and easy to follow instructions. Not sure about practical applications with just one factor. I wish author could spend just one lecture on how we can extend the model for predicting price based on multiple factors.

  11. Morteza Zafari

    thanks for your toturial, it was good for someone whoa wants to get an image of deep learning and the tools related to implementing that

  12. Marcel Schwarz

    Very good class with interesting topics and good examples to code yourself. Unfortunately a lot of the code is deprecated. I know it’s hard to retape all the videos but it would be great to at least post updated code bits because a lot of the used packages have been updated. That said, the old code still works.

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