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Design Patterns in C# and .NET: Learn Solutions to Common Problems

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Discover the modern implementation of design patterns with C# and .NET

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12 avis pour Design Patterns in C# and .NET: Learn Solutions to Common Problems

  1. Sven-Christian Lätari

    Nice. Good examples and explanations. Exercises are sometimes a bit weak and some sections might be a bit deviating. But I think I’ll come back to this course as a reference again and again.

  2. Aleksei Silivonchik

    The course is great, covers the topic of C# patterns in depth with many examples. There are also practical exercises for each of the patterns. As a bonus, this course also covers SOLID design principles as well as some other concepts such as DI Container, CQRS, and more. But there are some improvements that I would like to suggest:
    – the lectures are a bit fast paced and I don’t think the speed control is a good way to fix this as the audio gets a lot worse and sometimes a lot slower than it needs to be (first available level after 1 is 0.75);
    – some exercises/examples may be too complicated or not very clear. For example, the lecture “Bit Fragging” in Section 12 or the exercise in Section 13 “Chain of Responsibility”;
    – Section 27 “Functional Patterns in F#” is interesting, but difficult to understand for a person new to F# and probably not necessary. It’s great that the author is trying to share his knowledge with us in a variety of areas, but sometimes less is more.

  3. Aleksandar Stefanov

    This is a very good course for experienced programmers interested in applying design patterns in object-oriented development.

  4. Morgan Rees

    Overall, the course was a positive experience. Dmitri covers a tonne of content related to design patterns with plenty of coding examples to go along with them. However, the course could do with a “new lick of paint”; between each video Dmitri’s IDE changes (I assume old and new videos) and will occasionally continue on from code that wasn’t written in the video before, which can be fairly jarring.

  5. Craig Smith

    Great course. Heaps of content. Moved quite fast initially, but seemed to change to an easier pace part way through. Looking forward to going back and revisiting the patterns I think will be useful in my day to day work.

  6. Sergio Issac Ochoa Moran

    Outstanding material, learned a lot of many different things, not just Design patterns for C#, very well explained, although it took me a lot more time than expected because the lectures were complex, but very educational.

  7. Stephen Denekamp

    This course is an excellent way of learning design patterns for someone already coding in DotNet. Learning via code examples helps to make patterns clear and the presenter has structured each pattern concisely as well.

  8. Parul Sethi

    Teaching should include simplified ways instead of taking complicated examples.The course should include the beginners perspective as well as
    Intermediate perspective too.The exercise should be either provided with solutions or excercise should pop questions like quiz in between to make more interactive.

  9. Bo Simmons

    I do think the F# content was a bit unnecessary but I did enjoy the Additional Lectures

  10. James Hannah

    Great content. Good sharing by an experienced programmer.

    The delivery is too fast and too monotone.

    The pace is too fast. I don’t know how anyone can absorb the information as quickly as it is presented. I will have to go over it again and again.

  11. Kuba K

    This course was perfect for me. It made me realize how little i know and made me motivated to keep learning new stuff. Needed 3 atemps to finish it – each time i came back with more knowledge. It helped me during job interviews a lot. Thanks Dimitri 🙂

  12. Deepak Kumar Saini

    Very knowledgeable but F# section is quite different and I think it should be separate course for F# because sometimes it difficult to corelate the F# code with C#.

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