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Develop with VueJS 2 (Complete Vue.js Router and Vuex Course)

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Vue.js is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications! VueJS mixes the Best of Angular + React!

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12 avis pour Develop with VueJS 2 (Complete Vue.js Router and Vuex Course)

  1. Darren Kelly

    Very good course – I got lost a little bit as it was a lot to take in.
    Max is a good teacher though (also responded well to questions)

  2. Trung Hieu

    This course was created for all students want to use Vuejs. It is easy to understand clearly. I got a Vue Job after this course. Thanks a lot, Teacher !

  3. Shivam Tiwari

    This course is easier to learn compared to what I thought and credit goes to the instructor for enabling us to learn all the key concepts just by making mini project where one implements what he grasped from the lectures. Real learning comes via mini project when you implement them yourself.

  4. Malinda Wimalasena

    This course is really an amazing course which provides you with profound knowledge on Vue 2 and Vue 3 alongside a lot of assignments and projects.

  5. Askhat Bagaviyev

    Maximilian Schwarzmüller very scrupulous teacher, I wanted to get some additional knowledge from this course, and I got it. Thanks for this course. I hope it will help many other young devs.

  6. Rahul Ankamreddi

    This course is a good start for a beginner to get a good understanding of the Vue concepts. This course covers many important topics, which helped me start a vue project confidently.

  7. Tyson Fritz

    Pretty thorough course. Sometimes a bit repetitive. Doesn’t cover Pinia yet but does cover Composition API very well.

  8. Thorsten Berge

    Great course. When you don’t know anything about Vue, after this you will! I wished it had been more practices and small assignments in the middle of the course and sometimes an explanation was duplicated. The monster slayer game was nice though.

  9. Sevin Ulukut

    Another excellent course from Maximilian Schwarzmüller. Actually this is my 9th course given by Maximilian. The course covers all you need in practical life with Vue, even the new composition API and migration from Vue 2 to 3. Maximilian has a fascinating technique for learning by doing the right example projects. A very enjoyable and fascinating course 🙂

  10. Simin Cornel Ciocan

    At first I was really straggling with the course, but thanks to the great explanations of Maximilian, I think I´m getting into this. Thank you!!

  11. Albina Tsybruk

    A very detailed course covering all the necessary basic topics. Excellent explanation and construction of the tutorial. I am very satisfied and will definitely review some of the lessons.

  12. Henadzi Shutko

    It’s hard for me to learn new topic by consuming official documentation only, that’s where online courses of the trick for me and this one worked out especially great. Once finished I had a talk with my friend working in the industry with Vue and many crucial points he mentioned are covered in this course.
    What I’d like to have is Pinia instead of Vuex as it’s a standard for Vue3 and coverage of Vitest.
    Thanks for your hard work and great course!

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