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DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins pipelines, Maven, Gradle

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Build continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps pipelines with Java, Gradle, Maven, Artifactory & Sqitch.

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12 avis pour DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins pipelines, Maven, Gradle

  1. Veerubhotla Sridevi

    As a Project Manager enrolled to this JENKINS and is first video on JENKINS Learning , I felt it good and most relevant .
    One to quick point to share is it will be good when looking at the configure of Jenkins Job videos it would be nice to briefly cover what is inside the logic / code at a functionality (from developer’s angle) at a very high level though not too deep to understand even more and relate better ( as I am not a developer by role ) but quite curious to go a step further in this.

  2. Bharath Veluru

    Course was good. The plugins used are little outdated I believe. Using Private git repositories and mentioning known issues during integration would be good if included.

  3. Guillaume Gonano

    Nice & Interesting.
    But I would have expected maybe also an introduction on Jenkinsfile & how to sequence stages … (usefull for some newbies/colleagues of mine ;-))

  4. Jagdeep Mehta

    very good lecture but could be more useful given a live example along with configuring password /security /build triggers & how to call python scrict in pipeline .Thanks Anyway . Regards
    Jagdeep Mehta
    mob no +919910032448

  5. Shaowni Roy

    it was just fantastic experience.. I learned a lot.. Thank you team for making this fantastic courses which are continuously enhancing our knowledge as well as we it is helping us to groom ourselves in the better way.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn from u all. 🙂 All the best to all of you for a great future.

  6. Manoj Bagde

    The course could have included topics like integration with Testing Suite and deployment to higher environments

  7. Carlos Roldan

    Great course. Some times there are audio volume spikes that can be annoying or distracting.

  8. Shirley Allen

    The structure did not flow well for me & some of the info would have been better stated before some of the demos – especially section 4 before section 3…

  9. ALMA Siocon

    Good info but quite a lot to absorb. Need more live examples and to list detailed steps on each section.

  10. Rammurthy Dhiddi

    Clear explanation , thank you!

  11. Michael Caballero Hernández

    course is outdated, provided links are broken and questions unanswered

  12. Brayan Smith Gambasica Rodriguez

    It was a really useful course, thanks

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