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DevOps , CI/CD(Continuous Integration/Delivery for Beginners

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Learn about CI CD & DevOps & the concepts of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery / Deployment, DevOps & pipeline

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12 avis pour DevOps , CI/CD(Continuous Integration/Delivery for Beginners

  1. Nguyen Huynh Long Duy

    Thank you for your course. This course is very helpful to me to understand what is the CI/CD and DevOps definitions.

  2. Chris Bodewell

    A bit long winded and repetitive with too little content to justify it. Too much time spent on the problem with the supposed ‘old’ model (used as a straw man).

  3. Megha Gupta

    Very good content for the beginners. I really learnt alot.

  4. Jesus Quispe

    After finishing this course I had clear all the key words about CI/CDelivery and Continuous Deployment. For beggineers is really interesting, graphic y explained clearly.


    CI/CD concepts are explained very clearly. However, simply ending the course with “so devops is this culture” after explaining only CI/CD is not sufficient for a course that aims to teach devops.

  6. Hari S

    Such a beautiful course that describes the CI, CD and DevOps on a clear way.
    I like to sincerely thank John Honai for this amazing course.

  7. Tina Rodriguez

    As a Business Analyst, taking this course was beneficial to me. As I work daily with the Dev Ops Team. I know have a different perspective to the process and understand each areas responsibility.

  8. Shikha Ahuja

    The course is great, for beginners to understand at a high level, what SDLC was, and how CI/CD term has come into implementation now, the course is very crisp and easy to understand with great graphics.

  9. Sainath Mula

    A quick one to know the overview of CI/CD. From a beginner’s perspective, it is good and gives an idea of what is CI/CD. However, this course will not help you to practically implement the CI/CD concepts.

    A good one to grab a quick overview of what is CI/CD.

  10. Muniram Madam

    Guys, currently I’m working with the operations team, from this session I learned so many new things about CI/CD and SDLC, really which is very useful to me a lot.
    very thankful to you sir.

  11. George Deak Harada

    I learned devops here and there before but never really understood it until I took this course. Love how it’s very short and to the point, with the approach of showing how devops came about to solve the old school method!

  12. Clarke Hamilton

    This course is very informative. I have a good understanding of CI/CD now. Thanks!

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