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Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide

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Build, test, and deploy Docker applications with Kubernetes while learning production-style development workflows

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12 avis pour Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide

  1. Alejandro Hott

    muy bueno para entender mejor el mundo de contenedores, administracion y los desliegues

  2. Nicola Koo

    Excellent! I’ve bought a few of Stephen’s courses and found them good. This course doesn’t disappoint! The steps are clear, the course is kept up to date with the versions of the different tools/libraries. Forums are monitored and questions answered

  3. ahmed sobh

    I have to say that the way you teach is the most digestible and efficient for me at least, and I followed your path of using it; in the end, great course recommended

  4. Akshay Subhash Naigaonkar

    Wonderful Course,
    Well researched content
    Superb Delivery,

    Like the Course, thank you.

  5. Durmuş Demirtaş

    Overall, great course and in-depth coverage. Hovewer, some parts are a little outdated although Stephen and his team have tried hard to make it up-to-date with the newest versions&features of the relevant technologies.

  6. Frederick Lenihan

    Great course, covers docker and kubernetes as well as valuable workflow tools such as git, travis-ci, AWS, Google Cloud, helm and skaffold. Really shows how to integrate docker and kubernetes into a realistic development pipeline. My only know on the course is that it needs an update because the course is now four years old but I was able to follow along with the help of the update lecture notes and Q&A as well as some Google searches. It took extra work, but think I learned more that way.

  7. Tomiamaooa

    Absolutely excellent Udemy course, taking you through the need to know concepts of Docker and Kubernetes with detailed and clear explanations. The projects approach to learning makes it an engaging course for anyone.

  8. Juan C. Lopez

    Well structured course.
    Excellent explanation of the topics.
    Short videos direct to the point, with reasonable duration.
    I recommend this course.

  9. Gustavo Mateos

    This is the second course I take from Stephen. Great content, very detailed and thoroughly structured. The only downside, if any, is that when I took the course some of the contents had to be updated because of changes in libraries and versions of things. But that’s not Stephen to blame. As I said, great course overall.

  10. Çağrı Kutay Ok

    Actually i really want to give 5 stars because this course was really good and helpful, but even the supports between lectures content was kinda old. That’s why im giving 4 stars, but everything was really cool.

  11. Alex SIEYADJEU

    Excellent cours sur Kubernetes, difficile de trouver mieux pour bien comprendre les notions de bases et les bonnes pratiques. J’aurais juste voulu faire le déploiement Kubernetes sur AWS au lieu de GCP

  12. Joe Bimmerle

    Good primer into Docker and Kubernetes. As others noted, it would have been nice to have some updated videos given how much has changed since the course was originally published – but the supplemental notes were a fair compromise. One minor complaint was that some of the lectures had a lot of feedback or what sounded like construction work in the background. It wasn’t too bad but I had to replay a few lessons because I found myself focusing too much on the feedback noise rather than the content. Besides that – I still enjoyed this as it gave me a good foundation for continued learning in this space.

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