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Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide [2023 Edition]

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Learn Docker, Docker Compose, Multi-Container Projects, Deployment and all about Kubernetes from the ground up!

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12 avis pour Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide [2023 Edition]

  1. PLN Rahul

    The course teaches most of the essential topics needed to work with Dockers & Kubernetes. Gave me a good perspective into all the important things I wanted to learn. Definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn the topic comprehensively.

  2. Victor Boschek

    If you want to know the basic of docker and kubernetes this is the course for you!

    For me as a beginner of bout the tools this course made me more comfortable using them.

    The only negative thing for me personally in this course was that the coding was in Javascript. I’m used with python, but the coding language isn’t essential part of this course. You use the tools the same way with other languages.

  3. Azhar Syed

    This is the best course for beginners. I learned Docker and Kubernetes really well. It sets the foundation concepts really well and from there we can do literally what ever we want. Highly encourage to take this!!!

  4. Pavan Bhat

    This is a Fantastic course on Docker and K8s, perfect for web developers .Max has explained every concepts very well without complicating concepts.The AWS ECS Fargate section has the video of old UI, which was during the time of record, has led me to slight problems , yet the results can be easily achievable so thats not much big of a deal..long story short just avail the course without much thoughts. Thanks a lot Max and his team.

  5. Grega

    Max (as always) shines once again. Obviously when it comes to cloud technology, things get outdated pretty fast. But apart from bunch of situation when deploying docker to Aws, where I had to check among comments, things were going pretty smoothly. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a feel for kubernetes and docker.

  6. Anton Hansson

    Some problems due to Mac M1, and due to changes in AWS. Other than that this was great 🙂

  7. Andy Scott

    Thought it was a great course with loads of stuff covered. Great examples and when I dove off on my own and came back to the content after working it out myself, it was a very rewarding experience.

  8. Dawid Załuga

    Yet another great course from Maximilian, comprehensive and well-structured. I went from zero-knowledge to really solid foundations of both Docker and Kubernetes. As a bonus, with this course you will gain some basic AWS knowledge related to the main topic, which I personally found very interesting. Thank you Max!

  9. Farrukh Ahmed

    I took this course earlier and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the course and the instructor. The course was well structured and easy to follow, covering all the important core concepts of Docker and how to use it.
    The instructor’s teaching style was engaging, the pronunciation was crystal clear which made it easy to understand even for someone with limited experience in the field. The instructor was always available to answer any questions and provided clear and concise explanations. Additionally, interactive elements such as quizzes or interactive flow charts presentations made the course more engaging and help students retain the information better.

    I was very pleased with the overall content and structure of the course. However, I believe there is room for improvement that would enhance the learning experience even further.

    One suggestion would be to include more complex real-world case scenarios that allow the students to apply the concepts they have learned. This would help to solidify their understanding and give them the opportunity to gain real-world experience with Docker. It would be great to segregate Kubernetes from this course and take docker to a whole advanced level.

    I would like to express my gratitude for the instructor’s efforts in delivering such a comprehensive course and I am confident that these suggestions would further enhance the overall quality of the course.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about Docker and get hands-on experience.

  10. Laurence Balahadia

    The course gave me the needed knowledge and I was able to practice all these new learnings through hands-on exercises and coding along with the course. Thank you, Max, for this amazing course! This is highly recommended to other students who has little knowledge about Docker and Kubernetes.

  11. Aharanwa Guy Chinonso

    A good course on Docker and Kubernetes. I recommend it to everyone that wants to toe the line. The instruction knows his onions.

  12. Connor Stone

    Fantastic course, delivers beyond expectations. This is great to learn all the meat and potatoes core concepts that you need to become a master at Docker. It won’t teach you absolutely everything, and in all likelihood, won’t teach you how to use Docker for your specific use case, but that’s not what the course is about. It gives you the understanding and tools that you need to feel confident approaching these things on your own. Have done multiple courses with this instructor and couldn’t recommend more.

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