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Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain

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Build, test, deploy containers with the best mega-course on Docker, Kubernetes, Compose, Swarm and Registry using DevOps

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12 avis pour Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain

  1. Kev Smith

    This is a great course which covers lots of aspects of Docker. Bret is very knowledgeable and presents the information really well. Like others have said there are a few subjects that need updating (hence 4.5 start) but I believe Bret is in the process of doing this. Once updated I will update this to 5 stars.

  2. Rishi Bajaj

    Keep adding the best clips of Q&A, topic discussions with guests and critical monologues from your Youtube videos to this course.
    I would do this course again. So much there. Thanks.

  3. Tom Tony

    A good course. I would most definitely recommend this to docker, swarm and kubernetes beginners. This course will most definitely help you

  4. Huan H Pham

    It is an excellent learning experience for me after completing this Docker course. I hope all this training will help me apply Docker more efficiently to my work.

  5. Dan Danilyuk

    I really enjoyed the course. I know Docker/Kubernetes is changing quickly and the course seems to jump around a good bit as a result. Most videos are up to date but here are sections with old/new syntax.

  6. Steve Wayne

    It is a good class for learning. The instructor goes through each step with examples and reasons why and how. I am enjoying it.

  7. Amar Nath Adak

    The sessions were incredibly fast paced and was more theoretical than what I was expecting. I personally wanted to see more live practical examples while simultaneously explaining the theoretical aspects of the things involved. But I did learn a lot about Dockers from these sessions for sure. Would rather recommend others to go for free YouTube videos instead though. 50$ seem a bit much for these recording 🙁

  8. Simon Koeglmeier

    Awesome course, that teaches a lot about Docker and other technologies like Swarm and Kubernetes. You really can see that Bret has a lot of fun in teaching others about those topics. A great course that I really enjoyed taking!

  9. Viktor Pohrebniak

    That’s one amazing course from the very beginning till the end! Every lecture has tons of useful information and assignments are greatly designed. I’m very happy that I took this course from Bret Fisher!

  10. Daniel Cuevas

    This is my first time learning Docker and Kubernetes, and I really feel like it was money very well spent. The only downside (and this is my specific case) for me is that you would need to some a programming language, and git and GitHub, and all that, it order to fully use 100% of the course.
    And in my case, I do not know said tools LoL, but I did learn all the basics and I feel super comfortable now understanding content about Docker and Kubernetes, which I could not do before.
    Totally would recommend Bret’s courses 100% to everybody wanting to learn Docker from scratch. Massive thank you for for sharing the knowledge, Bret, if you are reading this (:
    Cheers from Mexico City.

  11. Mateusz Nowak

    Great course. A lot of useful knowledge presented in an accessible way with practical examples.

  12. Ravi Khambhati

    Awesome course and very detailed. The best thing about this course is you get quick response on your doubts.

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