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Elasticsearch Answers: The Complete Guide to Elasticsearch

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Learn Elasticsearch from scratch and begin learning the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana) and Elastic Stack.

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12 avis pour Elasticsearch Answers: The Complete Guide to Elasticsearch

  1. Parthkumar Patel

    This lecture is good for beginners but this course need to be updated with latest version of elasticsearch.

  2. Tom Hetherington

    Average course. Would be nice if there was more administration topics along with more metric aggregations types and pipeline aggregations and bucket scripts.

  3. Ahmed Helal

    A good elastic search course has a lot of information
    I want to refer to update the course
    also, provide more examples for the usage of bucket aggregations it’s like a “group by” in MySQL
    but how we can get the document data in each bucket and is there a way to make multiple bucket aggregations?
    Thank you for your efforts

  4. Thanos Karagiannis

    I had to deal with Elasticsearch for almost 2 years, and this course was beneficial in order to catch up with my prior experience as well as learn a few new things about how Elasticsearch works under the hood.

  5. Alberto Biesca

    Impressive. This course is data oriented, no beats, no inputs, just indices and data.

    The examples and documentation are fantastic.

  6. Illia Nechyporenko

    This is a great course. Starts from basic concepts and gradually goes to more complex things. I’d recommend that to anyone who wants to start developing using Elasticsearch

  7. Aashi Goyal

    Great course, easy to understand examples and good thorough information for people who are complete beginners like me to Elasticsearch and its various components.

  8. Sathya Gopalraj

    The content of the course has been very organized. I learned most of the Elastisearch concepts. The search query part has been very well explained. A very useful course for beginners and intermediates to start with it. The speaker (Bo Andersen) had given a very good walk-through of the course.

  9. vladislavIvanov

    Very good, it would be an improvement if there were more exercises and a docker compose to run all the required components of the stack locally, but those are all nice to haves, not hard requirements.

  10. Lubos Vrba

    I have to point that I was total beginner in ES, so I wanted to learn some background.
    This is my second course about Elastic search. This one is far better than the latter one. What I learned I was able to use immediately in my daily work. It really helped!
    I especially enjoyed the beginning of the course. The teacher added quizzes, where you were able to verify the knowledge. The quizzes are missing in the the advanced part of the course 🙁
    Author provides git repo with all the queries, he uses. Unfortunately the sections of the repo are ordered by alphabetic, so section 12 can be found only by name on the 6th place, but it is only a small `bug`.

  11. Hritik

    Add more topics related to Elasticsearch lifecycle policies and different states

  12. Aaron Machill

    The instructor explained in a very easy-to-understand language the basics of elasticsearch without needlessly causing confusing by going too much into the detail. He always referenced the documentation if there is more detailed in depth information available.

    I gave it only 4 Stars because the course doesn’t include exercises to practice/test the learned information.

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