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ES6 JavaScript For Everyone: The Complete Developer’s Guide

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ES6 Javascript Development from scratch. Get practice with live examples and learn exactly where to apply ES6 features.

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12 avis pour ES6 JavaScript For Everyone: The Complete Developer’s Guide

  1. Taimoor Javed

    Gives a good segway into getting the groundwork for ES6 Javascript, which can be pretty quirky! I enjoyed taking this course and learnt a ton of stuff!

  2. Tajh Johnson

    Extremely well explained concepts, plus the quizzes are a great way to illustrate what has been learned from a practical standpoint. Great course so far and looking forward to completing.

  3. Wiliam Orlando Sánchez López

    Estuvo muy bien los ejercicios en cada sesión del curso, la verdad estuvo bien el curso y pude entenerlo a pesar de no saber muy bien el inglés.

  4. Lorena Infante

    The teacher knows very well the subject and shares the knowledge in an easy way. Very interesting and well developed! I loved the examples that he used, very clear.

  5. Robert Willner

    Course satisfied my needs and met expectations. Material was presented clearly.

  6. Hitesh Jain

    The course structure was good. The instructor was able to explain all the concepts and terms. And I feel that the course content was worth it. I have a better understanding of ES6 JavaScript now

  7. Robert Hill

    First half of the course is good – 10-20 mins of explanation per topic and a couple of exercises to cap it off.

    Later on the explanations topics get very long before you get to do some hands-on practice, and the last 2 topics have no practice assignments whatsoever. As a practical learner, the later topics were kind of useless to me as a result. I feel like I gained no understanding about them, especially generators. My takeaway about generators from this course is ‘I will never use these’, which is a shame for a topic that occupied 90 minutes of lesson time.

    Course is good as an introduction to helper functions, these are well-explained and are concise. Still, more exercises would have been preferred.

  8. Alena Petrash

    I like this course. It’s very simple to understand. I saw some examples of “Symbol”. And there is some practical tasks.
    Thank author for this course.

  9. Andy Haldeman

    Stephen did a great job going through the material. It was clear and easy to understand.

  10. Manikandan E

    The Course is really good. The Mentor is highly knowledgeable and has Vast experience.

  11. Sunny Yadav

    All is good to go and the content are explained so clearly that even beginner can understand it very clearly. Hope the upcoming content will be helpful too.

  12. Ben Bowen

    Great course and I really liked having the coding exercises to augment the lectures.

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