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Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity (2023)

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Become An Ethereum Blockchain Developer With One Course. Master Solidity, Web3.JS, Truffle, Metamask, Remix & More!

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12 avis pour Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity (2023)

  1. Pavash Sahoo

    it is based on linux os i wish it was based on window would have been easier.

  2. Lodgerio Padlan

    Thank you very much Ravinder and Thomas for putting up this course. I learned a lot. Please refer me or let me know if you have or planning to create a new course about an eCommerce Android application that accepts cryptocurrency payments.

  3. Malcolm Miller

    The first few sections were very good. However the course really became confusing and full of holes in the teaching in Section 5 and 6. Disappointing and frustrating.

  4. Peter Au

    Thomas is very knowledgeable, however, he cannot translate for beginners. The course is overloaded with information and not enough practicals. Yes, there are assignments however throughout the course there should be mini-exercises to understand how and why we’re using certain functions instead of text. Additionally, when it comes to assignments it is expected you understand everything is going on instead of explaining why this is happening.

  5. Ion

    concepts are not explained well, sometimes you do things without explaining them. I do not recommend this course… I’m sorry to say but you can’t explain, you can’t be a teacher

  6. Glen Hobby

    I’ve taken a number of shorter courses but feel that there may be gaps in my knowledge. Looking for a course that covers pretty much all leaving me with zero knowledge gaps (ZKG – Did I just make up an acronym!). Glen

  7. Hendrik Bondzio

    Best course money can buy if you want to learn Solidity! Only downside, hence the missing half star, is that the content has become a bit unstructured and repetitive because it has been updated so many times. On the other hand repetition makes perfect. Thanks Thomas and Ravinder for your work!


    Great way of explaining in simple language.

  9. Daniel Joseph

    Absolutely incredible course, especially for the price. Contains everything you will need an much more. Undoubtedly the best learning resource for Blockchain Development on the market.

  10. Abishek Upadhyay

    was about to rate it a solid 4 star but section 7 is just terrible. You are just rushing trough everything without giving proper time and examples.

  11. Jeremy Cantrell

    I think this course was great for someone who wanted a deeper understand of smart contracts. I found that take the course little by little really reinforces the concepts. I teacher is great at explaining key parts over and over again but honestly that is my learning style and it really has helped me not just learn about smart contracts but to understand the inner workings of them.

  12. Tyrelle Adams

    This is an excellent starter course to learn Ethereum/Solidity Development. It takes you thru the basics of blockchain networks to Smart Contract Development to even writing and deploying your own Smart Contracts.

    The only downside is that the Web3 space moves fast so content is outdated as new updates are pushed out almost daily and there were challenges following along the course but that’s pretty much how all development works.

    If I were to add/update anything to the course, it would be to update the Tokenization project since the Truffle React box has a different structure and incorporate more Frontend UI/UX content.

    Other than that, I do feel like I have a solid foundation to build more Web3 Dapps!

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