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Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2023 Edition]

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A Complete Guide to the Flutter SDK & Flutter Framework for building native iOS and Android apps

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12 avis pour Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2023 Edition]

  1. Linescripts Softwares Pvt Ltd

    The course was very detailed and does provide a solid foundation for beginners to explore flutter, even further. Unlike many other courses which I have taken, this course deals with the practical knowledge that one would require in a work environment. After finishing this course, I feel comfortable to take up on a new project and hopefully do well at it.

  2. Pierre Abdel Karim

    The best teacher i have ever encountered online. It is really obvious the amount of time Max put into his courses and he doesn’t miss a thing, he doesn’t ignore small details and I really thank him for all his effort and content.

  3. Debabrata Mandal

    This is an exellent course! I am not yet done with it, however, the knowledge I have gained so far is highly impressive. Max is a great teacher.
    I am now in the shop app (authentication section). I will write another review after finishing the whole course, which I am eagerly waiting for.
    Thanks a lot, Max!

  4. Ahmed Hnewa

    The course could be a lot better, it’s not what I expected
    the entire course will teach you the basics of flutter, not very clean code
    It doesn’t use best practices and is not really updated as it is shown on Udemy but that is not my problem with the course, doesn’t teach you a lot of things, for example, there is a complete section of the navigation, but it doesn’t teach you even the basics things, like how to save the state of the widgets in the bottom navigations, the section of sending HTTP request was the worst, and if you don’t have experience with other programming languages like Java, C++, Kotlin, etc…, I really don’t recommend it as there a lot of core and important concepts that the course will even not mention it, the course is not that bad and it will help you get started with flutter, but you can’t depend on it to build even some basics apps, Currently I don’t have time to write all the problems in the course, generally it was under expectations of what I heard and that my opinion

  5. Baldev Singh

    i face a lot of difficulty to user various new feature .i also failed to complete http module because of older stuff

  6. Franz-Josef Vorspohl

    complete outdated, it was for flutter 1.5, now we have flutter 3.7…

    please make an update, after 5 star again

    to call this course « 2023 » it’s a little like a bad joke…

  7. Farid Ahmadov

    Huge thanks to Max and his team.The course helped me a lot…However it could be better.Because of version downgrading ,I did not like section 14 .And also bloc architecture has not been covered in this course.It would be so nice if you covered architectural patterns as well.
    Thank you so much dear AcadeMind team.For those who want to learn flutter,I recommend to purchase this course for learning.I hope for new comers Max will solve problems as soon as possible .

  8. Ashish Sharma

    Max is the best teacher I have ever encountered. This course is perfectly planned, the course material and everything was designed with beginners in mind and all concepts were explained in great detail. I learnt a lot that I couldn’t have learned elsewhere. I wholeheartedly thank Max and Manu for their teaching efforts and in making these courses. Their hard work is making these courses, videos, course pdfs, guides for what to do after finishing the course and deployment guides are always intricate and extremely helpful. I can go on and on, as I am kind of a fanboy of Academind. I wish you guys all the success and hope for more courses and updates to existing course as well.

  9. Usman Saeed

    Best Flutter course as of now(all others are outdated this one is still relevant). Some modules could be improved. Overall Max is a great teacher.

  10. Murat Şener

    I picked that course because I thought It is up-to-date. There were many out-dated samples in the course but I have dealed with them with extra effort anyway until the latest Chat App. In this section it was needed to downgrade to very old version which is not possible now. I took another course of Max before and that was awesome. But for this course it is a big fail!

  11. Maciej Rydwelski

    Very professional course. In my opinion if the course has 2023 Edition in the title it should be based on the flutter version that was available at the beginning of the year (3.3.10 or at least 3.0.0). V3 has the support for building Windows, Linux and Macos desktop apps. Some introduction to basic concepts of desktop apps using Flutter would be an added value.

  12. Sritharan Thiyagarajah

    Thank you so much for this amazing Flutter course! I am delighted to say that I have learned so much more than I ever expected. The course material was comprehensive, easy to understand, and well-structured. The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, which made the learning experience enjoyable and memorable. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Flutter. Thank you again for this excellent course!

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