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Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node Course

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Learn web development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, ES6 React and Node

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12 avis pour Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node Course

  1. Kanika Agarwal

    This course was much interesting and I developed lots of skills and learned a lot from this course.

  2. Janan K Patel

    Loving the course so far. I’m finishing up the skate website. I would recommend changing the intro in the future for sure, it is too crazy and loud. The course is just a little outdated so you might get confused when things like Bootstrap are at version 5 and the video is version 4.

  3. Ilya Shch.

    Finally after 2 years finished it.
    A bit outdated some parts and noise can be controlled.
    But overall good introduction and to beginner of all the things they mentioned.

  4. Deepak Kumar Jha

    The version git part wasn’t covered for Windows users.
    The explanation for flex was very poor and messy.

  5. Chris Tang

    Feel that this course is a great beginner introduction to the different frameworks needed to become a full stack developer. However there are still huge knowledge gaps in the content and not enough problem sets for us to do in our own time to help ingrain the learning. Not bad but still won’t be confident enough to go and do anything front end.

  6. Stacey Freeman

    Really enjoying the learning process. Wouldn’t be the same with out the visual step by step tutorials. Allows me to really understand the process inside out.

  7. Jamie Perks

    Toward the end of the course, there is a distinct lack of detail on the subject matter, specifically, React. It feels more like a “just do this” rather than explaining why.


    Good course for a beginner, I have started working on a project while learning this course.

  9. Kevin John Garcia

    Great course!!! So much to learn, Thank you Devslopes!!

  10. Saicharan Teja

    not responding and not explain clearly

  11. Vishal Apparaokurude

    well When I clearly watch all video and make practice now I am that position who actually know how is the need of your code and how can I built it thank for giving these confidence and your support.

  12. shmuel Brochin

    Enjoying the course, learning new and useful things. It would be helpful if the Instructor would explain more of the HTML tags /concepts that he is using.
    I could look up each one on line, but having the Instructor define and explain each (of the commonly used ones) would make them more clearly understood, I think.
    Thanks for the content.

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