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Git Complete Full Course: The Definitive Guide to Git

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Go from zero to hero with Git source control step-by-step with easy to understand examples. Become the next Git expert!

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12 avis pour Git Complete Full Course: The Definitive Guide to Git

  1. Aristotelis Agoratsios

    Great course, I have learned a lot on Git and Gitlab and how to use Github and repositories. It takes a lot of practice, but this course is really good for giving the Git basics. I’d highly recommend this course and the Instructor Jason Taylor is amazing!

  2. Shubham Bhati

    The major problem I faced was not related to the course but because of the platform, but I guess the publisher could solve it. It was really difficult to look at the bottom of command line during lecture while I kept my english captions on as they were overlapping and covering everything.

  3. Julie Casciato

    I still need to learn how to use Git from Visual Studio, but this course gave me a good understanding of Git concepts that will provide a good basis when I start using Git in VS. I thought almost all of it was well prepared and explained, and the instructor gave step-by-step instructions, even of things previously demonstrated – the patient repetition helps solidify my understanding. The after hour sessions at the end were difficult to follow – it sounded like I was getting one side of a conversation and was very much on the fly.

  4. James Hall

    I really enjoyed this course. It has taken me from not really understanding how Git works all the way to being confident to use it in my future projects! As an added bonus it has taught me a great deal about PowerShell and the command line and how to be much more confident with using it.

    Overall, I would recommend this course highly to anyone who is looking to get to grips with Git and its use

  5. Jacques Bourrelle

    When the course begins to address a subject, it would be advantageous to give an overview before going into detail.
    Example, starting out there should be an overview of the git command structure.
    Another example when demonstrating conflicts for a merge, an explanation of the conflict that will be created before you start creating it.

  6. Manoj Kumar Giri

    Thanks for coming up with step by step explanation on git concepts. I really helpful for those who want to start learning it.

  7. Kyrylo Prykhno

    Awesome course, but it would be great to provide more background on cases/scenarios for sections and where exact commands needed.

  8. Matthew Vincent Pickles

    This is a good introduction to using Git via the command line and provides useful examples of good practice when using Git that can be adapted to various Git providers or project scenarios. I reccomend the course.

  9. Dhanush Kumar Nagarajan

    Contents are great, but could’ve explained a bit more. As some topics are like left unexplained. But thanks for helping us out.

  10. Sergio Alejandro Guzman Alvarez

    Es un buen curso esta muy completo la documentación de como utilizar GIT, en cuanto eso esta bien igual estaría bien que el propio autor le de una actualización a otros recursos, gracias !

  11. Marek Ceizel

    A great course which delivered what promised. One note and reason for 4.5 instead of 5.
    Will you not speak this sentence again and again and again: “–online –graph –decorate –all” the course could be one hour shorter.
    I will remember these parameters for the rest of my life and that is not really what I wanted 😀 😀
    Either create an alias on the beginning, or just use it without to say it all the time.

  12. Michael Zaharako

    Need a better fix for the master/main change and need to account for Git authentication changes (e.g. requiring ssh/SAML/etc.) and no longer allowing enter credentials interactively.

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