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GitHub Ultimate: Master Git and GitHub – Beginner to Expert

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Go from complete novice to expert in Git and GitHub using step-by-step, no-assumptions learning

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12 avis pour GitHub Ultimate: Master Git and GitHub – Beginner to Expert

  1. Andrei De Leon

    The course is amazing, but for me, it still lacks. Maybe have the definition of the syntax commands pop up on the screen for me to really familiarize it. I sometimes have to Google search some definitions of the syntax commands shown because the speaker saying its definition is not enough for me. I have to see the definition for me to really stick in my brain. Other than that, the course is amazing with practices to see.

  2. Sean Power

    To the point & straightfoward overview of Git & GitHub. Exactly what I was looking for.

  3. Nilovna Chatterjee

    A lot of content and some of them are outdated. But overall, this is probably the best course on Git available. Thank you.

  4. Kim Phung

    The course is from 2015, so the UI of GitHub has changed a bit since then, but it’s not a very big deal. The basics of git is explained very well.

  5. Jeff Karn

    This course really exceeded my expectations. Being somewhat familiar with git, I didn’t think I would learn much, but I was wrong.

    I definitely recommend it.

  6. George Beasley

    I am definitely learning a lot. I just wish there was some kind of conversion chart for Windows using VS Code. I was able to Google the commands and find alternatives for VS Code, but it slows down my progress.

  7. Wilmix Jemin

    This course is Good and we can learn more dept about Git and github

  8. Silvia Trujillano

    Should be updated, the interface in GitHub looks different.


    Its more fast paced than other courses but explained to the precise

  10. Wix Woo

    Very well explained even I am not using Mac

  11. Xander Jansen

    I am learning a lot about GitHub and looking forward to using it in my day to day.

  12. Sammy Ester

    I thought the in depth learning about Git Bash was really well put together.

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