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Gitlab CI Pipelines, CI/CD and DevOps for Beginners Tutorial

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Learn GitLab CI / CD with Docker & DevOps: obtain valuable DevOps skills. Build pipelines.

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12 avis pour Gitlab CI Pipelines, CI/CD and DevOps for Beginners Tutorial

  1. Esteban Alexis Arce Gómez

    Very well explained, I love the way this guy teaches.
    I have previously taken his course about API testing with postman and I highly recommend his courses.

  2. Julen Kahles Bastida

    Great course, the instructor also replies to private messages concerning help that is needed. Would give it 5/5 if the material would be up-to-date with respect to the latest versions of the software used throughout the course (e.g. Postman, CLI tools, etc.)

  3. Filippo Landini

    It was a good course overall, I would have preferred a few more quizzes and/or small exercises to better consolidate what was learned in the sections.

  4. Anel Music

    For around 12 bucks there is absolutely nothing to complain. Alright, you might don’t like python. Alright, the UI might changed slightly but the concepts are still well explained and I had zero issues following along.

  5. Leonel Quiroa

    It has a lot of practical exercises to give enough confidence for starting working right away on git ci cd pipelines. However, on my personal opinion, I wish I could have a more theory, just like an optional section you can skip if you want, but answering the question. Why is this approach of ci/cd important? . Other than that, it is a good professor with clear understanding of the topic

  6. Sandeep

    Content delivery is good and i like the way tutor brought the new concepts to the list is excellent.

  7. Juan Isai Marquez Martinez

    I have learned so much about the GitLab CI/CD configurations and recommend this course to everyone that is new to GitLab

  8. Martín Cigorraga

    You there, digital plumber wanna-be, put your mind at rest for a moment and read this:
    This course provides a well-rounded overview of GitLab CI/CD but only goes deep on some of the topics it touches.
    Furthermore, it is a great introduction to the whole CI/CD thing if you are new to building pipelines.
    Some good stuff you’ll be able to take with you after finishing the course:
    An understanding of how GitLab CI/CD works under the hood
    A sense of how to build automated and manual pipelines
    A sense of how to build a pipeline for multiple environments in a correct way
    A sense of what it is like to work with Dynamic Environments (bonus point for adding that)
    An understanding of how to use the Environments feature in GitLab CI/CD
    An approach to an albeit basic, sane way of working with code using Merge Requests
    How to add a type of conditionals to your pipeline to create logic gates to control the flow of the pipeline
    Additionally, a brief introduction to helper tools and a few AWS services
    A quick overview of how to work with different container images
    Tips and tricks on how to optimize your pipelines for speed and resource economy
    A good understanding of how YAML works and how to employ it when building your pipelines
    Having some good experience creating pipelines using GitLab, I learned a few things here and there that will surely improve the way I work with this tool.
    All in all, an excellent introductory course.
    Congratulations on a job well done my friend!

  9. Niels Duelund

    The course is good and thorough, but I have spent many hours trying to make a script work, only to find out that the next section would reveal “oh but that did not work because ….”. That has been a nuisance.
    Also the part with IntelliJ … it should be even clearer, that it is NOT worth wasting several hours of setting it up. Using the commandline will suffice for all exercises.
    Thanks, for the introduction to GitLab

  10. Ricardo Banon

    Great explanation. This professor is a professional. He covers everything in detail, and gives great examples. Totally recommend

  11. Luis Sismeiro

    The course was excellent and I learned a lot with the examples. I made the exercises and run the pipeline many times to make changes and fine tune the job sequence. I dind’t understand nothing about GitLab pipelines and now I’m confident I can understand existing pipelines and make new ones.

  12. A Ferrari

    The topic is clearly explained and the teacher makes it easy to start with GitLab CI/CD! Highly recommended as a start point into the CI/CD world!

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